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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post

real~I totally saw you riding your bike down 88th on my way to work. orngtongue.gif
Too funny. lol.gif Obviously, I decided on a ride after all.

I'm coming to the realization that I'm a very slow biker. It happened when I was headed uphill early in the ride and was passed by someone going at least twice my speed. Is biking like running, where biking more and longer will make me faster?

Penelope--enjoy your time off.

And "the world is a nasty, scary place" news, some lunatic planted a pipe bomb and some propane tanks at an area mall yesterday. The bomb didn't go off, but the mall is located near Columbine HS and it was the anniversary of the shooting (and a day that the high school is closed). So they're searching for a "person of interest" seen in the security photos. Fast-forward to today: a random person walks into a elementary school in the same area and doesn't stop in the office to sign in. The secretary chases him down, he says he needs to use the restroom and she has him use a staff one. She thought he hadn't taken his backpack when he left and saw a ceiling tile disturbed, so she called district security who called 911 and then they evacuated all the kids to a nearby middle school. It turned out that everything was ok (the guy was a personal trainer, he did have his backpack, the ceiling tile must have been like that already anyhow because the police searched the school) but while Jeffco is tweeting to tell parents to pick their kids up at the middle school, I realized I have to tell R about the possibility of a school evacuation and that she doesn't need to worry if it happens because her principal and teachers will keep her safe and I'll know where to pick her up. She was fine with it and trusts her kindergarten teacher implicitly to keep them all safe. Meanwhile, the whole thought of elementary school children having to evacuate because some loony might be trying to hurt them is making me hopmad.gif and bawling.gif tonight. (And yes, if you're wondering, I live in the same school district as Columbine.)
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Dingos know I dont handle stress well and I am on edge now. (Eating better and runnig would be a boon.)

Real, your story made me cry in anger and upset. I don't think our children or we should have to worry about loonies or live or under lockdown or any such craziness but I do not have the answers.

RM, I am so glad you have your new home and I hope your workout space is very motivating. Large simple mirrors are not too much money in the big picture so maybe when you talk out how you feel about the pressure he puts on you you can suggest a penance to him? winky.gif

My husband the wild eyed atheist was conscripted to be a chaperone/counselor at CYO Camp where he will be responsible for the souls and safety of 10-11 6th graders. lol.gif Not only did dd1's teacher know he would be done with finals but as a coach he has his 'clearance' from the diocese to be with the kiddos. Since when does camp involve air-conditioned cabins and showers for all?

We sign with the realtor today. So much housework, so little electricity this week. I haven't yet booked plane tickets to house hunt but I would like to take possession in San Diego on July 1. My friend and mother just laughed when I said that. I really hope the next round of storms doesn't involve weather sirens at midnight.

eta: I hate the typos I now produce on a regular basis. I blame the laptop.
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Real hug2.gif I cry every time my kids' school does those drills. I can't imagine how their teachers must feel during them. And a real-life "incident," even a false alarm, has got to be devastating.


mommajb, as with JenLove, the market is in your favor to take possession when you want. Peace, peace, peace to you. We are on parallel tracks right now and I think of you often.


Dh has sent photos of his amazing hotel. Even the mall is unlike my imaginings of "mall." Temps are still OK, and it sounds like we might be able to make that summer trip to see the ILs. We want to take possession of a rental by June 1, which will get us out of temp housing faster, and that's cool with me, but lots of shopping will be involved. I am getting really, really excited. Auto withdrawals of the mortgage have stopped, I think all the work on the house is done, and now I just need to do the shipments (I postponed due to the foot of snow we got this week) Tuesday and finish clearing out our stuff...and finish school work. Kids are on the waiting list for the school, and I have decided homeschooling a semester or year could be awesome if I have to do it. This will be the education of a lifetime anyway. Dh's best friend has been calling me daily to check on me. My mom helped me find dressy-yet-comfy sandals (Borns) yesterday (only $50ish!), and the kids are set for clothing. I ordered two running dresses, which should arrive today, to wear with capris for working out and the beach. I have a clothing strategy for the heat. Dh got our med cards already and may have his visa as soon as this Tuesday, so he could even have our visas before our departure, which means no tense moments when we travel on one-way tickets.


I am getting ready for one big relax!



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Thanks for the commiseration and understanding, I needed it!! 


RR:  People!  I ran!!  Three miles!!  I'm sooooooo much happier!!!  ahhhhhhh.............


jo and mamajb~can't even imagine the kind of moves you are both making.  Mamajb, did I understand right that your dh just left his job out of the blue?  So there is a new job in CA??  I'm lost, been very hard to get online to read. 


There is one more trip to the old house to be made, to scrub carpets and deep clean the fridge, wipe house down.  THat's it!!  I will be so relieved when that isn't constantly hanging over us anymore and we don't have the upkeep of two houses.  Lesee signed for 3 years and has all kinds of updates already approved by us.  God willing we'll be able to sell at the end of the three years (or they will buy). 


I'm telling ya, I'm a new woman after getting me a run in!


I'll be more connected now that things are calming down here with the move and house updates. 



BEC~are you still running the mini?  is your whole family coming?  do you have somewhere to stay already?  what pace are you running?  I'm thinking maybe I can run the race with you depending on how my body reacts to getting back into running again (if you'll have me!). 

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Hey Doc Jen?  You rock my world!!!!  Just what I needed today.  Thank you for being an awesome SS.

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RR: 6m, not too bad. Hoping to to 10 tomorrow, but managed to get a blister from my new running shoes. <sigh> I think I'll revert to the old ones, lance the blister, put on a bandaid and hope for the best. Hopefully dd will tell me where she's stashed the bandaids...


MIL is coming for Easter, whoa boy. I did a ton of cleaning but dh promised to do some basic stuff and didn't, and now my yelling opportunities are limited, 'cause, Easter and MIL. But, hey, dying eggs is always nicer with one more pair of adult hands...

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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

I'm coming to the realization that I'm a very slow biker. It happened when I was headed uphill early in the ride and was passed by someone going at least twice my speed. Is biking like running, where biking more and longer will make me faster?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Without a doubt. And just remember, you're pulling a trailer. On a hybrid. Don't beat yourself up about being slow!!!

Class this morning was kind of disappointing. I thought it would be really interesting, because it was about emergency care, disasters, and all that fun stuff, yet she somehow managed to make it not-so-interesting. Oh well. It wasn't the most boring 4 hour class I've had in this program, it just wasn't as good as I thought it should have been! On the bright side, we got out early, which meant that there was time for a quick run AND to go meet classmates for drinks/lunch. It's crazy windy out today, and one of the friends I was running with is a speedy one, so it was quite literally a quick 3 miles!

Now I'm just trying to decide between productivity and a nap. Hey, I took a shower and did a load of laundry...that's pretty good productivity, right? bag.gif
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Ok, trying one more time to post!  I've tried to post 3 times and it's been eaten each time!


RM - I am still doing the Mini!  I would be thrilled to run with you, but, you are WAY faster than I am!  It's going to be a lucky thing if I am able to run 11:00 pace.  It's going to be just me coming down (the family always messes my sleep up before a race!), and I have a sweet room at the starting line!


There were a bunch of personals that I wrote out before!  I'm thinking of all you Dingos, though!



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RM--glad you got that run in and are mostly done with the two houses thing. joy.gif

tjsmama--yes, crazy windy. Did I mention that I'm completely done with the wind?

Penelope--hang in there this weekend. Also, I think I need to adopt the phrase "my yelling opportunities are limited" for times such as the one you describe. lol.gif

RR: I did 6 with the double jogger and then, unexpectedly, 5 on the bike today. The plan was to do my tempo during school pick-up. I mostly managed that despite the gusting to 35mph winds (4M @8:56 instead of the planned 8:49, but close enough. FWIW, J was my only passenger for 3.5 of those 4 tempo miles). R joined us at school and we headed back, stopping at the park where we usually do so the girls can play. Once we got there I tried to put J's hat on her and realized it was missing. Once DH got home I headed out on the bike to look for it. I went all the way back to school (where she had been wearing it) but it wasn't anywhere. So I headed home. greensad.gif

Then on the way to church tonight, guess what we found when we got in the left turn lane? Yep, the hat. It had blown across 5 lanes of a really busy road and was against the median there. It clearly was run over once or twice and is dirty but is otherwise ok. And for the record, I have one of those sun/wind/bug covers that goes over the jogger, so J had to actually move the cover and toss or kick her hat out in order to lose it. The entire reason I use the silly cover is to prevent her from randomly chucking things from the stroller. It never occurred to me that she'd deliberately try to get rid of stuff at this age, much less a hat that I knit for her! (Along those same lines, it's not a lightweight hat, so it says something about how hard the wind was blowing for it to have gotten all the way over to that part of the road.) I wasn't paying attention at the time she lost it because that stretch was uphill against the wind and it was all I could do to keep moving us forward.

J also apparently chucked a pair of baby sunglasses out of the stroller before we got to school and you know what? Those will stay lost.
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Real, so glad you found the hat! It is crazy windy here too - the neighborhood Easter egg hunt was kind of chilly and quick as a result.


Gaye, I so should add "shower" to my list of things I've done each day. It would up my accomplishments significantly.


I have a kinda strange RR and could use some advice. I did 10 pretty easily, no knee/IT band problems, some blister issues, but about 7? miles in a dull ache in my right foot, along the outside edge, in the fleshy part directly in front of my heel. I've *never* had that problem before. I'm now finding it somewhat painful to walk. I took some ibuprofen, and will rest and ice later if it continues to hurt, but WTH? This is the foot that is most heavily blistered (along the instep) and I'm thinking (hoping) that it's somehow related.


Does this sound like one of those random things, or something that needs attention? I have a half planned one week from now, a half three weeks from now, and a full in July. I don't want to end up injured, but I also can't figure out what this actually is. Meh. Help.

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My first thought is that due to the blistering you adjusted your gait with pain as the result. Wht should be your plan of action if that is true?
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I hope you're right. That's kind of what I was thinking. Unless someone has a better idea, I'll put my foot up with an ice pack and keep off it (ie, not run) till the blistering has gone down, then get out for a cautious 5-6m mid-week, just so I can figure my odds of a decent half.


Ironically, my knees really felt great. lol.gif

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I got a nice 3+ mile run in with my friend.  She has been battling injury for about a year and a half.  A few weeks of intensive treatment at my chiropracter seems to have mostly cured her, so we are very excited to be running together again!  Oh, and I got some new shoes.  I went to a new, local place.  I ended up with some Pearl Izumis.  Paid a bunch more than I do for my Asics, but am hoping for a little more longevity on them (I only have 230 miles on my current pair!).  I'm a little nervous, because the last time I tried different shoes, I ended up with ITBS and was sidelined for a couple of months! 



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penelope~My thought is altered gait, too. I'd probably ice and wait and see and not stress too much over it right now. I can't tell you how many mystery ailments I've had like that and almost all of them seem to disappear magically just like they appeared. orngtongue.gif

I am tired. Which is not good considering that I have several hours of homework to do tonight and then have to be up early for 12 hours of clinical tomorrow. Oh well. I could have slept in today, but I really wanted to go for a trail run, and actually found a friend who was willing to go at the crack of dawn with me, so there you go. I managed to squeeze in a quick shower after before heading out to work a baseball game, and then straight to the hospital for my patient assignment. And now, here I sit on my couch for the duration...with drug book, lab test manual, and patho book beside me. Sigh.

rr~A gorgeous 6 mile trail run through one of my favorite parks. Weirdly enough, I think I ran much more of the up hill than I did last time I ran at this park, which was back when I was theoretically in much better shape. Huh. It was a little chilly (and flurrying), but pretty nice!

Side note, last week's baseball game? Sunny and 70...I got sunburned. Today? 36 and snowing. Ah, Colorado in the spring. rolleyes.gif
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Easter egg dying with the kiddos involved more eggs rolling off the table to their death that you would believe. I don't think I've ever had that hapen before at all. While overseeing this very messy project I realized I hadn't heard the sump pump run since the electricity came back on and we had over 3" of rain predicted for today/tonight. It is a new pump too.
The bad news: it is in a crawl space.
The good news: a juggle of the float has brought it back to life so we won't be floating away before the Easter Bunny brings us some much needed chocolate. MIldly related news: I think I need to go sugar free on Monday.

Charlotte just cycled through the author photos on the kindle until Charlotte Bronte came up. I find that amusing and it reminds me that she needs to be in bed already. Lesson: If you sit quietly reading I'll probably let you stay up a bit later than usual. If you run around like a loon bedtime comes that much sooner.

I seriously cleaned things out of the house 6 weeks ago and I making another round through at this time and it truly amazes me how much I store 'just in case' that I really don't ever need. It is so much easier to let go of if I think it is going to a good home. Jo, did you try posting things on fb for friends that might be interested? Did it work? I know we have a local craigslist but it isn't very active.
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Happy holy weekend to all.


Mommajb, I think I need to take a page from Nick's book and go wheat-free, and also detox from sugar/junk. It's time. I feel like krap in a very generalized way, and need to fix what's ailing me, which is too much carbohydrate, not enough nutritive good stuff, not enough fresh air, and not enough strenuous movement.


Weather for tomorrow looks fab, so I will somehow make it happen.

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Today in the parking lot of Dunkin' Donuts, I saw a car with a 140.6 bumper sticker.  I nearly went inside to hunt down that driver so I could bow2.gif.  DH was all idea.gif "I never knew what that meant before!"  It's nice to be in on all of the secrets.


Nothing to report here.  It poured rain all day so I skipped running again.  Instead, we went to the toy store and bought a new game for tonight's totally dorky family game night.  We had an early dinner out at a restaurant and bought ingredients for dinner with DH's dad tomorrow.  I'm not making ham.  Or lamb.  Or anything else that rhymes with the previous.  orngtongue.gif  We're having lasagna and a garlicky bread and salad and fruit salad and lemon meringue pie.  None of us is particularly Eastery, so that will have to suffice.


Speaking of Easter, ugh.  I'm trying to cut down on crap in my house, but the holidays do me in.  I bought each of the kids a hula hoop, some moon dough, a puzzle, a cheap digital camera, and some candy.  As soon as the woodstove cools down a bit and I don't have to worry about our chocolate melting into puddles, I'll hide eggs and call it done.  I'm hoping tomorrow is warm enough to wear the short-sleeved dress I have planned.  I took my kids shopping last week for something new.  I was looking for a simple flowery dress for DD, who is six.  Instead, she catches sight of something that makes her gasp--spaghetti straps, white satin (looking) with a puffy pale pink tulle overskirt.  Where did this child come from again?  She'd going to be furious when she finds out that her school dress code forbids spaghetti straps.  I'm certain she's planning on wearing it once a week for the rest of the year.  She'll have to console herself with wearing it to the park and to bed at night.


Next week: running.  jog.gif

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Happy Easter! I hope somebody enjoys a sunrise run today with sunshine. I got up on time to run for a change but the rain is doing me in.

lalalala, a cute sweater could make that dress good for school and you know she would have to keep the sweater on all day but at recess she could show her friends just how amazing it is.

I fell asleep before the big kids last night so I rushed around with the easter baskets as I heard the kid begin to stir upstairs. (just a touch of candy, a new pencil and paper, and a mini haba game all in a mini bilibo) Maybe that is why I got up early? Not being religious we will celebrate by wearing down hand-me-down fancy dresses and eating egg salad and deviled eggs.

My dd1's teacher is wonderful but Cathlic school has changed since I was there decades ago. She had them email the priest to see if "Happy Good Friday" passes muster as it isn't a happy day, she told them two tasteless Religious/Easter jokes, and they are having a class party on Monday, not Friday, so that students who gave up candy/chocolate for Lent can participate. eyesroll.gif
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mommajb - That sounds like a hilarious teacher! 


I am having a good mama feeling this morning.  I feel like I have struck a good balance betweeen giving my children a healthy diet and also not making sweets such a forbidden treasure.  I made little Easter baskets for them, with a some chocolate eggs, little chocolate rabbits and a larger chocolate rabbit.  They have been involved for the last hour in an elaborate pretend scenario at the table involving these bunnies.  There does not seem to be any interest (at this time) in eating all the chocolate!  I'm sure I will be pestered about it later, but for now, they are all about the playing, not the eating of junk!


I'm hoping to get out for some sort of run today.  I need to try out my new shoes!

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Happy Sunny Easter everyone! It has been a whirlwind week .... I'll recap just so someone can commiserate:

  • no school for kiddos
  • no room at daycare for both kids Tuesday and Thursday. no childcare tuesday, swap childcare with neighbors. bring children to meeting with Associate Dean. children are rockstars. joy.gif
  • geofizz visit joy.gif
  • no childcare Thursday or friday or monday (next week). 6 weeks ago invite inlaws to visit/help. inlaws arrive about 8 hours later than we need them. scramble for childcare. find it via two different friends.
  • my (online) course has issues with the test. get fourteen emails from students who think the test was too hard. (20 people in class). read questions aloud. 8 year old scores 70% without having taken test.
  • edited to add: take kids out to eat saturday. Allow youngest to order what she wants -- she barfs multiple times overnight. ick.
  • plan for saturday 3 hrs from home with niece and new baby niece + BIL + SIL. BIL calls at 645 (am) to let us know his wife is in the hospital with pneumonia. Baby isn't nursing because of narcotics given to wife. He needs help could his mom/dad come help. We all go (as planned) for day. But MIL/FIL stay there. No childcare for Leah Monday.

oh and

  • fire at preschool = no school for Leah this week

how many more days until summer?


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