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Enjoy your half Penelope and what fun the Maypole event sounds like!

More cleaning and some packing. Ds returns from a 4 day class trip to DC, Dd and Dh leave Wednesday for a 3 day class camping trip. I am so glad they needed more male chaperones and were turning women away. bag.gif Three days in therainy woods with 5th and 6th graders sounds like some torture to me. He get home on time to re-pack and head out for the weekend soccer tournament with ds1. I will be here, plodding on with the remaining 4 children, making it through each day while continuing to work on move related details and praying to St jooj. smile.gif

I need to run some of this anxiety off but it feels so foreign when I try to work it into my day. I don't know how to turn this around. greensad.gif
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mommajb - I hope you manage to get a run in.  What about taking the kids with you to a track?  You could get your run while the kids play/bike around the track?  It's not perfect, but any port in a storm.hug2.gif  I know what it is like to need to run yuck off!


Speaking of which, I worked 4 hours yesterday on the sales floor (first time during business hours) and did a good job (according to the managers)!  I got a lot of really positive feedback.  It was a good boost!


This morning, I went to spin class.  After a tough hour, I came home and went for a 3 mile run!  I'm counting this as my last long run (long workout?) before the mini.  Like Penelope, I'm not quite ready for this race.  But, I'm hoping it will be good and fun.  Lisa, PM me your phone number, so we can plan to meet up!  Do you want to do dinner the night before?  Meet at the expo?  I think we are going to be down there early to mid afternoon.  Also, what about lunch after?


Penelope - I hope you are having a great race!!!!

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RR (and also - don't we need a new thread for May? Perhaps someone who hasn't done it would like to do so! It's fun!): My time was 2:17:45 (Garmin time.) So not schmantabulous, but I'm pretty happy. I really, really struggled with IT band pain - the stupid foot pain from last week started about mile 5, and I thought, ok, I can totally handle this, it is ok, I'm going to be fine. Then right knee chimes in with IT band pain. I stop and stretch, it helps, although then the foot gets worse. And so on, until I'm in a pretty good rhythm - hurt, run, hurt, stop to stretch, run, ok. I was really on top of it. And then my left knee started in! I was so irritated - like, dude. You're the *good* knee.


But I just buckled down and ran. smile.gif And my PR for a half is 2:14 or so, so this was not a bad run at all. I drank many fluids in the three hours before the race (4-7am) and peed *right* as the first wave was starting, so plenty of time for me in the 10:00 corral to get out there. (It's about a 10,000 person race.) That part was awesome - no porta potties needed.  I think I'll try to get in with the PT folks who helped me with my IT band last round - it's been about 18 months, so I maybe just need a tuneup. It was much better than my bad half last September, and I think with care I can get healthy and still run a full in July. We'll see.


I have another half in two weeks (I know, I know... ) but I'm running with a friend so I think we'll gauge to his slower time. Which will probably help, and I have some time to stretch and strengthen before then.


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Well, I've just signed up for my first marathon! I've got 5 and a half months to train for it. I found a training schedule that starts May 30th - a 20 week schedule. I've done a 5km and a 10km race with no training a few years ago and am now just looking to get back in to shape and am happy to be working towards a new goal. Just wanted to say hey! and I'm here!
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Welcome eh bien!  The marathon is such an awesome, amazing, humbling distance to run.  have fun!


Penelope - That sounds like a frustrating but manageable race.  And a great time to boot!  Maybe get in a good massage as well as the PT before your next half. 

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Penelope--congrats on the race, despite the IT and knee issues.

eh bien--welcome!

mommajb--hope you are able to fit a run in for your own sake. That's so much to deal with at once.

bec--sounds like a nice time at work. The sales floor can be really fun, especially at this time of of year.

NRR: we headed up to the mountains on Friday (R was off school) and it's still winter there. cold.gif It snowed pretty much the whole time, but we got the heat started up and the water running anyhow. I'd hoped to get out for a run, but the neighborhood road was too muddy and the other highway probably wasn't safe, given the conditions and limited visibility. We headed back Saturday afternoon because we had book group that evening and after book group I was too lazy to run on the dreadmill. redface.gif

RR: Ran 12 today and chose a nice hilly route so I can start getting in shape for mountain running. It had 7 hills of varying lengths and 540 feet of elevation gain. Because I'd had an extra day off, it felt pretty good, other than being in the 40s and awfully chilly for May 1.

I'm debating between trying a marathon in October or doing a trail half-marathon in Aspen in late September when the leaves are changing. Decisions, decisions....
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Waaaaay behind on personals, with little chance of catching up. bag.gif

mel~Loved reading about your tri-spectating experience. FWIW, it's pretty unusual for a tri to have separate transition areas. Not unheard of, but you don't see it much. Honestly, unless the race was just plain awesome, I probably wouldn't sign up for a race with separate T1/T2 just because of the inconvenience! Also, not super weird for the bike portion to be on a major road...all of the Boulder series races I've done, including the Boulder 70.3, have a portion on US 36, which is a super busy road, especially on a summer weekend since it's the main route to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Oh, and I've done a ton of races where there were other cyclists out on the course, so don't worry about that! The Boulder races, since that's a popular bike route, and lots of times, just people out training or spectating on their bike. In fact, during the Boulder 70.3 last year, I got absolutely smoked by Chrissie Wellington (riding leisurely, in jean shorts, no less) on her way to the race to spectate/cheer! orngtongue.gif

penelope~GREAT race, especially given all your issues! Can you imagine how fast you'd be if you weren't stopping to stretch?!

It's finally the weekend for me! orngbiggrin.gif Well, kind of anyway, since all school requirements are done until Friday. Which is good, since I haven't worked out since my abbreviated run on Friday. The nanny was supposed to watch DS for me so I could go get a run in yesterday morning, but after I froze my patootie off at the Rockies game Friday night, complete with drizzle and snow, that I would just cancel her since the weather was supposed to be horrible yesterday. Go figure, I woke up to sunshine and birds singing. rolleyes.gif Oh well, DS was feeling a little off, so we snuggled on the couch all morning, so it wasn't a complete waste...

My day was SO not what I thought it would be. I took three patients today, for the first time, and I was a little scared. Well, I ended up being less busy than I was last week with only two patients! One of the three was discharged by 10am, one was pretty independent, and the other was VERY low maintenance medically (but was on suicide watch...sad, but interesting) and slept the whole afternoon. My nurse was nice, and fine, but I kind of got the impression that one of the reasons she wanted a student was so she didn't have to do as much work. orngtongue.gif I do appreciate the fact that she trusted me enough to pretty much let me do my thing (she's worked every week I've been there, so it's not like she didn't have any previous knowledge of me), but it was slightly weird to be set loose, so to speak. At least I feel like I'm getting *closer* to being ready to be a "real" nurse. orngtongue.gif
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New May thread here!

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Bec~Yes, yes and yes!!  I dont' thnk I should run because it is quite likely to lead to injury with this much time off before hand, but I want to MEET UP and CHEER you on!!  I'll PM you my numbr now!!  woot!

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