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The "Mama Motivation" Thread!

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Alright girls... we have about 2 months left. And I need some motivation!!!!!!!!! I need you all to keep me accountable on my projects and help me get them done! I've made a little list and as I get things accomplished, I will mark it off --- so satisfying love.gif


So join in and don't let me feel like the only slacker in the bunch Sheepish.gif




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Things still to get/do for Finn William-


-my breast friend pillow

-bedding set



-belly bandit or something of the like

-nursing bra

-nursing tanks/shirts

-dye blankets

-paint dresser

-diaper bag

-batteries for swing

-diaper basket


-recover rocking chair ottoman

-hang curtains

-fill out baby book

-take maternity pictures



Things to do in the house!-


- finish kitchen cabinets

- paint doors and hardware

- buy/hang curtains in master bedroom

- install new vanity/hardware in guest bath

- install new vanity/hardware in master bath

- redo shower doors

- bleach all tile floors

- paint master bath

- recover pillows in master bedroom

- buy new sheets for master bed

- clean out van!! and wash car seat covers

- reorganize DH's closet

- paint and install new fixtures in 1/2 bath

- buy rug for playroom

- finish landscaping

- sell books


.... and the list overwhelms meduh.gif

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Wow, that is a lot to do!!!  At least you will have something to occupy your time during these last few months! 


Hey, I was going to let you know as far as the swing, you can go to Radio Shack and get a wall outlet for the swing and retrofit it.  That is what we did (you can find directions if you google it online) and it works like a charm.  That way you aren't going through batteries like crazy.  ;)

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The thought of making "The List" is a little overwhelming to me right now, but I'll make it, and when I do, I'll post it here because I need some help too :P

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Really?? That would be amazing! We have a bigger swing with an outlet which of course is amazing, but our little "travel" swing that I like to keep up in the bedroom takes c batteries and goes through them once a day! Thanks so much for telling me that!

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If I don't make a list, I am not realistic with myself about the amount of things to do. I need something to kick me in the hiney and get me going!!!!!!!!!!!!! This house is going to be the end of me. I'm glad we bought and tore apart our house about 3 months before I found out I was preggers..... Now we have to get it back together and then put it on the market. Right after the baby comes out yikes.gif

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Kay, here goes:


Things to buy/accumulate:

  • prefolds/snappis
  • diaper sprayer
  • new diva cup for myself
  • cosleeper
  • light swaddling blankets
  • cloth wipes
  • diaper covers
  • recipe for cloth wipe solution/spray or squirt bottle for solution
  • carseat/possibly stroller
  • new bras
  • food dehydrator/capsules for placentophagy
  • ring sling
  • pacifiers


Things to do:

  • pack the hospital bag (I have an ongoing list of things I want to bring to help me have a natural birth as much as possible)
  • make the birth playlist
  • listen to Hypnobabies all the way through - I always fall asleep and then shut it off before it's finished :P
  • clear out craft supplies/piano from what will be the babyroom where her things are stored
  • paint/knit/crochet decorations since we can't renovate
  • in may: cook and freeze some vegan meals for after the birth, so that I can easily feed myself w/o worrying
  • get the truck totally cleaned
  • plan and start my urbangarden by Earth Day
  • create chores schedule for myself to stay on top of housework
  • finish prenatal class (ends April 19th)
  • blog 3 times weekly throughout


Things to knit:

  • blanket
  • booties
  • at least one more soaker
  • at least one sweater


Well, getting it down on screen makes me feel a lot better. Whew. I can do this, I can do this! 

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You can do it! .... now make me do it too Sheepish.gif

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What are the most do-able things on your list right now? At least start them this week, post as you start each one!


Other than blogging (which I'm working on a few entries for the next couple days ^_^), the easiest and most timely things I can do right away is try to make my birth playlist and get it loaded on my iPhone, choose a pattern and start knitting my baby blanket, listen to Hypnobabies and make a list of what I'd like to plant in the garden. 


I'm going to try to get these things at least started this week - I'll post as I get going on each one. I'm sure there's more to my master list than what I'm remembering right now, but I'll add to it as I recall things.


Let's do it!

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Cool. :) DH just started the Atkins Diet, and I only realised today that this will entail a lot of extra cooking and thinking on my part. *sigh* Oh well! K, here's my list of doom...


Stuff in italics is party done; stuff in blue is finished!


Things to Sew

-Nursing pyjamas for me

-Winter maternity dress for me

-2 pairs of Ottobre rompers for baby - blue and beige pair done!

-1 pair Butterick rompers for baby

-1 pair trousers for baby

-Sailor shirt and shorts for baby

-At least one more winter pinafore and/or dress for DD

-Winter coat for DD

-Felted vest/hoodie for baby

-Mei tai

-Ring sling

-Thingy to go over back of carseat to hold stuff

-Winter skirt for DD

-Postpartum pads

-Sleep sack

-Winter pyjamas for DD

-Floor quilt/playmat thing for baby out of jelly roll


Things to Knit

-Blue and cream hat

-Blue and cream kimono top

-Cabled green hoodie

-Blue bobbly vest


Things to Otherwise Organise, Buy or Do

-Freeze meals for after baby is born

-Stock up on ready-made-type meals (ravioli etc)

-Buy some more "hardcore" RRL tea than my current supply

-Order more iodine from midwife

-Bully DH into listening to Hypnobabies CDs, practicing birth scripts with me, etc

-Research/buy herbal sitz bath stuff for postpartum

-Buy fitted nappies

-Buy a dryer (!!)

-Go through DD's baby clothes, pick out and count up all the boy-appropriate stuff

-Research/buy vitamin D drops for baby and DD

-Try to get DD to sleep over at Gran's house, in case she has to during the birth


Things I Started Doing After Making This List and Now Need to Finish

-Beige shirt for baby

-Blue bobbly knitted hat to match vest

-Beige knitted vest


And that's the bare minimum! There are heaps more things I should sew for DD, and for the baby (I doubt I'll have much time for sewing once he's born, so I should do enough to last them for the first six months PP at least... which includes a change in season and a trip to Disneyland (hopefully!)... but then, I don't know what size they'll be by then...).

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I have a list of to-dos in my head, but I'm not writing them down yet! I have my 1st baby shower on Tuesday with all my school friends and another month of school to get through before I feel like I can really focus on anything baby. I've done a few things here and there, and with my sister giving me a ton of baby stuff I'm pretty well set.

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Alright today I am :   going to the post office --sold some extra dipes yeah!

                              picking up a few groceries

                              schedule the painter

                              start dyeing blankets

                              figure out the best way to sell these books and dvds!

                              hopefully get started on a good cleaning of the house to last me through the week --DH is out in the field so it's just DD and me :) Cheers to a girl's week!


    ^^ I don't know if any of that was even on my master list :( but, nonetheless it shall get DONE! energy.gif

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Onesies (2)

Sleep gowns (2 or 3)

Casual dresses (3)

Dress for "sip 'n' see" party w/ hat

Woven wrap (I know this hardly counts, but I still have to buy the fabric and sew the trim)

Sun hats (2 or 3)




name hat

kina sweater & matching booties

butterfly sweater



Pack of newborn diapers & wipes (for traveling)

Sun shades for car windows






Elastic-waist maternity/pp skirt

Shower dress

Dress for "sip 'n' see" party (this might go to the "buy" category, as I have no idea what size I'll be)



calla tank



witch hazel pads

perineum irrigation bottle


belly band/Spanx for pp

bras that fit once my size settles down





Pack up books & other non-essentials

Donate/sell shelves, tables, other beat up furniture (Ikea is great for cheap stuff, but it does not move well, and we've moved it cross-country twice)



Other than the knitting stuff, which takes me *forever*, I think I feel better for having written everything down.  It looks like a lot less than what I was thinking!  I still need to get working, though.  Curse the internet for distracting me!  :)


Smokering, your to-do lists always blow me away.

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Alright today I am :   going to the post office --sold some extra dipes yeah!

                              picking up a few groceries

                              schedule the painter

                              start dyeing blankets

                              figure out the best way to sell these books and dvds!

                              hopefully get started on a good cleaning of the house to last me through the week --DH is out in the field so it's just DD and me :) Cheers to a girl's week!


                                              - wiped down all the cabinets and counters in the kitchen

                                              - wiped down all moldings and window sills

                                              - cleaned downstairs toilet

                                              - put away all the random tools lying about

                                              - finished up a load of laundry

                               Next--- put DD down for her nap, fold laundry, spray bathrooms with cleaner, put away all random things, vacuum and mop floors, clean bathrooms, THEN try to sort through          these books --- Does anyone have any experience selling books online? Is it a waste of time? I know I have school books that I've heard I can take to Barnes and Noble... but I'm unsure what to do with them all--- HELP!shrug.gif

    ^^ I don't know if any of that was even on my master list :( but, nonetheless it shall get DONE! energy.gif


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Mary you are making me feel positively slothful! I've been studying for the whole day and feel like I've gotten nothing done.


I've sold books on Amazon before and I've made some good money off of them. However, now that I have no free time it's a total PITA because I have to go buy the mailing stuff, package it all up, go to the post office, etc. It's too much of a hassle for me so I either take stuff to Half Price Books or I hang onto them forever.

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Well, I normally am not this productive-- at all. It's just that my list is overwhelming me and at least a clean house will allow me to spend time on other things. PLUS, with DH not here for the week, it will stay clean ROTFLMAO.gif  -- Can't you tell I am taking a million breaks?? haha I need to finish the floors but it is such a pain to bend over. 


- The books thing is really getting on my nerves. Especially since DH's brother just gave him a Kindle for his bday. We have about 4 boxes/tubs of books that are just in my way. I wish we had a store where I could just take them and drop them off. I feel like I want to make a little money from them--I hate throwing money away.... The DVD's I can sell on CL. Ive already put up a listing and people have responded... they just want titles-- ugh. 


P.S.-- I am cleaning my stove bc it has some burnt pizza crust on the bottom and holy guacamole it is hot in here now. I vowed to keep the air/heat off all week and it is a good thing it's the perfect day for windows and fans! 

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Great thread! And can I just say, holy cow, I cannot believe some people are on the "less than two months count down"????? Amazing! I'm due June 21st so I'm more like 2.5 months. Anyway, I was nesting so hard core in the first and second trimester I don't think my list is super long?


Okay, pee in a cup for proof of pregnancy.

Buy a hot water bottle.

Get a new bra or two.

And some tank tops/nursing spaghetti strap type shirts.

Sell our house.

Find new house, lol.

See chiro!!!

Figure out some meals to cook and freeze in May. 

Get toddler some summer clothes/shoes.


This babe could use some more clothes but I'd prefer to wait until I know what it is and that will happen when it's born, so .... lol. And we already did all the home projects/tidying up because our place is on the market. Already bought birth supplies and cloth pp pads, etc. I think my list will become huge when we find our new place but who knows when that will be. Pretty likely after the babe is born unfortunately :-(

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Ugh - I have been ignoring this thread since I saw it pop up the other day... I totally NEED the support and motivation to get everything done but have felt so tired lately that I have been napping during the kid's naptime.  And, seriously, there is not a whole lot I can actually get done while chasing after the little ones.


I am going to sit down now for a while with pen and paper and see what I can come up with and then I will come back to post it.  


And Jenni, studying IS INDEED getting something done!!  It is feeding your brain which will eventually feed your family!  Be proud!

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Oy! duh.gif I'm sore now! All that cleaning killed me! But I have good news and bad news....... good news: I made over $325 selling back books on amazon! --- I just did all of our textbooks, maybe I will try all the fiction/random books next and see what happens! Bad news-- half the stuff I tried to dye didn't take :( I really wanted it to work, but I kind of knew it wouldn't... The receiving blankets and such turned out fine, but the bouncy seat cover and tummy time mat didn't even budge. I suppose this little boy will be covered in pink greensad.gif Doesn't really bother me so much about him being in pink--- it's more me feeling like everyone went all out for DD and now that DS is coming he gets all the leftovers. Oh well, it won't matter in like 10 months when he doesn't even want to use them anymore. 

I'm glad that I got a running start on my cleaning and organizing--- but I still have so much to do! But, now I can shop for those last things with my new Amazon moolah joy.gif



OrangeMoon-- Thanks for reminding me about going to the chiro! And we have to put our house on the market too. I think we are going to do it right after the baby pops out.... I need at least a week to recover and then I'm totally going to hire a cleaning lady to come and make sure everything is in order. BTW, did you use a realtor or are you doing it FSBO or with a set price listing agent? 

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Well, I can triumphantly cross one thing off my list... I got up early this morning and finished knitting the baby hat! Seriously, I am the world's slowest knitter. This is the kind of hat that Ravelry folk say "Great easy pattern, whipped out two of these for my niece while watching CSI: Miami"... and it took me three days. Oh well. I'm still pleased with it, because a) I didn't use a pattern, b) the decreases look nice and swirly because I didn't drop any stitches this time, and c) I managed to get the Magic Loop method working first time, for a change.


Now I should really get started on those overalls again, but I've lost the oomph. Feel like knitting another baby hat instead. No! Bad Smokering!

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