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New Infant Insert for ERGO?

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So I see a lot of negative feedback on the ergo for infants - are you talking about the old insert or the new tummy-to-tummy insert?  I haven't been in the market for a while and don't know how long they've had the new insert.


What's your feedback on the new insert?

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I haven't used the new insert, but I didn't use the old insert either.  I used a fleece baby blanket, because it was cold where we were when dd was an infant.  I loved using the Ergo with a newborn.  I could tuck dd in there so that she was very comfortable.  I do like a sling for newborns too, but Ergo is my go-to carrier, and I still use it every day with dd, who is now 2+ yrs old.  I'm interested in hearing what other people have to say, being that you can get the inserts of CL and I'd get one if I thought it'd be good.  I'm due in October, so again, might just use the fleece baby blanket for a second time around.

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So I see a lot of negative feedback on the ergo for infants - are you talking about the old insert or the new tummy-to-tummy insert?  I haven't been in the market for a while and don't know how long they've had the new insert.


I prefer the Heart 2 Heart insert over the older model. I think it better holds baby in that spread squat froggied position. Than the older version. It as well has a removable part in the base that allows for baby's growth yet maintains form.

I strongly believe that woven wraps, ring slings and Korean podegais are better, more developmentally appropriate to newborns and young babies than Ergo.



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i found my baby was too big for the insert at 3 weeks old.  ds was around 10lbs and 22" then and when i tried him in the heart-to-heart insert and put in ergo his neck n head were totally sticking out of the top of ergo!  maybe i was doing it wrong but we're pretty happy with moby and hotslings so ergo is back in the closet until ds gets bigger

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Great thread! I'm glad you asked this because I've read and wondered the same things about the inserts and such. I used a pouch sling and a Moby Wrap when my youngest two were newborns (and young babies). I did not have a SSC at that time but now have both an Ergo and Boba G2. The Ergo, of course offers the infant inserts, and has become my preferred carrier in the last year or so (our youngest is 22 months). 


I was looking at the heart to heart as well with the intention of trying to wear our newborn in the Ergo since I like it so much, and like you found a lot of negative reviews and questions or complaints. Boba G2 offers nothing like that. I asked the Boba company about wearing newborns/babies under 15lbs and was told, though not very clearly, that parents have done it without issue, that there are safer ways to do it if you're going to do it. When I prodded for more information with more information about safety and such they said the Sleepy Wrap was the better choice for newborns. nut.gif


ETA: As of right now, I plan on bringing both the pouch sling and Moby Wrap to the Birth Center with me and leaving the Ergo at home.

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Sounds like I am not the majority, but I actually like the new ergo insert. We used it when our little one wasn't quite big enough. The ergo was the only carrier that my husband felt comfortable wearing. Plus, when used in cold weather, it gave extra warmth to baby. That being said, we only used it for a very short time and didn't use it when our DD was a tiny newborn. More like around 3 months old. We didn't get much use out of it, but it was worth it for us because it meant that my husband got to wear her and he loved doing it. I figure I will have more kids and it will get more use down the road.

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I also liked the tummy2tummy insert when DS was little. It held him in the correct position without putting weight on his legs, and the pillow was useful by itself once he got bigger.
It was a little bulky so it made DS stick out more in the front carry, and it is quilted so it can be warm, but that didn't matter in PNW in winter.
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I loved the new insert. We used it with my younger DS from about two weeks until about 4 months--for the last month or so we used just the pillow part. He is a round little guy--8,9 at birth and grew quickly in the early weeks, so a smaller baby would maybe have used it longer. We found it very cozy and that it held him securely.

One thing to keep in mind though--friends with older Ergos didn't think it worked as well. I think newer Ergos have a slightly longer body? Not sure, but for those of us with newer Ergos it worked great.

Our group of friends had one that we passed along-it is now on its fifth baby, which makes it a lot more affordable.

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Just wanted to update you guys....I tried the Ergo again with my DS and he fit perfectly without insert at 6 weeks (already 13+ lbs).  I sold off my insert but I felt he needed just a little suport for his bum so I just roll up a cloth diaper into a little pillow.  I definitely would have used the pillow part of the heart2heart if I didn't sell it.

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