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The ONE Thread Graduates-April 2011

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This thread is for members of the ONE thread from the Trying to Conceive forum. I know some of you have started similar threads in the DDCs but this is an all-inclusive, cross-DDC thread. I know we have all made connections and friendships with ladies who got BFPs before or after us so this can be a central thread for us to catch up and for those on the other side of the One thread to keep up with us!


In bold, please tell me: Name, Due Date, how long it took you to conceive and what you went through to conceive, what "number" child this will be, and anything else you would like to add.




Due August 2011

19-savah, conceived on 4th month (3rd temping), #2

25-jillybeans (Jill), took 3 months, #4, having 1st boy after 3 girls!


Due September 2011

14-LovingBaby (Elizabeth), took 7 months (charting, OV strips), #3

27-ValH (Valerie), took 13 cycles (2nd cycle of Clomid & post-HSG), #1


Due October 2011

10-Yellowdart, tried for 5 cycles, #1

13-Nicolian (Nicole), charted for 2 cycles, #3 (#4 for DH)

23-not_telling (Jess),  took 3 cycles, #2


Due November 2011

9-TalkToMeNow (Amanda), tried for 4 months, #4 (3rd pregnancy)

12-TTCChloeorConner (Nicole), tried for 16 cycles, #1


Due December 2011

9-Gemmine, took 4 charting/OPK cycles (BFP 5th cycle) & several unofficial tries, #1

11-Mummoth (Teresa), tried for 4 months (conceived on month "off!"), #3 (#1 for SO)

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Hey ladies. :) I love keeping up with and seeing how the ONE ladies are doing. Congrats to everyone!


Nicole, due Oct 13th, charted for two cycles and got pregnant the second cycle, this is #3 for me and #4 for DH.

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Hey Nicolian! I lurked a lot when you were posting on the One thread but I remember you.

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I remember you too. Well, your name for sure. Being threadmaster as pretty handy that way. :)

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=D I'm SUPER stoked about this thread. YAHOO!!!


As everyone knows, I'm Nicole. 23. I tried for 16 cycles before getting my BFP one week to the day before my wedding. LOL!!! This is baby number uno, if you don't count my 7 animals and my husband. ;-) I'm unofficially due November 12th, but I wouldn't be mad about an 11/11/11 baby.


I got pregnant on my "not trying" cycle. I was so stir crazy with school, work, and wedding, I didn't think about it at all. I actually remember the night it happened. 'Twas good, drunk sex. LOL!!! =D


My first (FINALLY, THANK GOD!) doctor's appointment is Friday the 8th. I CAN'T WAIT. I haven't even had a confirmation appointment yet. I'm convinced I'm going to go in there and he's going to be like, "Bish, you crazy. There ain't no babay in thurr." Hahahaha.

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lol, I worry about that too, Nicole. And, to make matters worse, my MW couldn't find the heartbeat at my last appt. I was just over 11 weeks and my 8w u/s showed the baby was probably a little younger than that. I'm not too worried but it's hard not to worry a little bit.

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Heya prego ladies!  Fun reunion thread.


I am:  Yellowdart, due 10/10/11 with #1, took 5 cycles of TTC/charting.


So I'll be 13 weeks on Monday, and officially second trimester!  Yippee.  I'm still wearing my normal pants - I have a hard spot in my belly where the babe is, but no bump yet.  We had an ultrasound last Monday and saw the little bouncing bean looking like its perfect self, and heard the heartbeat on doppler at the followup appointment on Wednesday.  That helped to make the whole thing seem a lot more real. 




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My middle name is Nicole, so we're Nicole'd up in this thread!


TTCCoC: That is EXACTLY what I'm going through right now! Yesterday I was officially late and I spent the day wondering if AF would come and this was all my imagination. It is still so surreal! I'll be interviewing midwives this week and I wonder if they'll even do a confirmation or if I just wait until the first ultrasound appointment which I'm sure will be super far away! I'm definitely feeling like someone will tell me Bish please lol.


One thing that helped was I read that your heartrate increases in those early weeks so I checked my pulse and it was racing away! Even DH noticed when we were asleep. And the hunger has kicked into full gear, something I was NOT expecting this early.


I'm going to have to go to Target for some sundresses and leggings because I'm already bloated to where I can't button jeans/work pants!


nicolian: When is your next appointment?


yellowdart: Yay for 2nd trimester!


What's the weather like where you all are? It's heating up rapidly here.

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I am lovin' all you new mamas in here. That's so exciting! All babies are exciting but that first one is a different kind of exciting. love.gif


My next appt is April 25th, I think. But, my MW did say that if I wanted to see her at some point before then, to try to hear the baby again, she could stop by here. I just loving having a cool MW who is 5 minutes down the road from me.


Weather.. eh. I live in NH and it's heating up NOT rapidly. lol It's in the high 40's, lower 50's here today and WINDY.. so, yea, cold. I see no warm weather in sight for a little while at least. I think I need to move south.

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Hi guys!!! Okay, so I'm Teresa, due December 11th, conceived on my month off after 4 months trying, this will be baby #3 for me and #1 for SO (he counts my other two as his own, but he arrived when they were 4 and 7) I am going to obsessively (I see a +) check and re-check my test while I type this out, because I (+!!!) can't even believe I'm really supposed to be here. (+?) Last night, SO was asking if we should go to a doctor to have it confirmed and I told him they just get you to pee in a cup and use the same kind of test as I already did. (+!!!!) I'd showed him my chart and where it said "Low" in the timing analysis thing, he thought that meant my chance of (+) getting an accurate test... and he thought that (+ thumb.gif )  I conceived 7 days ago, before he went on his work trip. I had to explain that no, it was the last time at the old house that did it. He *really* (+!!!) doesn't understand charts. ( + ) We'd told the kids and about 9 other people before the pee even dried, I think! I'll make a midwife appointment on Monday. 



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bwahahaha I took pictures of my tests that I refer to several times a day. My lines were super dark with nighttime pee at 12DPO otherwise I might have bought an entire shelf worth of tests.


I'm so overwhelmed now, like what do I do next? This is #1 for me AND we're thinking homebirth (we watched Business of Being Born and DH surprisingly slid over to Team Homebirth if everything is "normal") so I don't even know where to begin!

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Mummoth. Your post made me LOL!!! I'm the same way though. I STILL POAS to watch it go +++!!! =D Gemmine- You just made me feel better. I checked my pulse the other day. It was 107!!! I was freaking out because it was so high. Makes me feel good that it's normal. LOL




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Mummoth - thumb.gif ++++


Gemmine - I would suggest doing lots of reading. I'm reading a REALLY good book right now that I would definitely recommend - Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. Knowledge is power.

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Nice idea, Gemmine smile.gif


I'm not_telling (aka Jess), EDD Oct. 23, conceived after 3 cycles of charting, baby #2, and very thankful that conceiving baby #2 wasn't nearly as hard as #1.


Our circle of who knows now includes most of our immediate family - but not DS - and about 12 of my friends.  Had an ultrasound at 7 weeks (fetal age) and heartbeat was detected, but waiting until the midwives can pick it up with their doppler before telling DS.  We did try to hear it at my first prenatal appt on Friday, but no luck.  Not feeling concerned, though.


I do seem to have developed just enough of a tummy that I started using my Bella Bands a week or so ago.  Feels so much better to not have to button that top button.


Exhausted (or as DS would say, "buh-zausted") and still having issues with queasiness/food aversions...especially as it gets later in the day...but I have eaten some decent-sized dinners the past few nights.


Did our taxes today, renewed our zoo membership and started a load of laundry...so I feel like I've accomplished a lot in the 6.5 hours that I've been up today.


And, on that note, I think I'm gonna go take a nap. 

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lol.gif I feel you, Jess. All I want to do is sleep!

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So excited to see some of you here!!!  I am due August 25th after three months of trying (went straight to clomid because we've been there done that before though)  We are having our first BOY after three little girls!  All kinds of trouble this pregnancy, including PTL risk, uterine prolapse, and taking weekly progesterone shots.  We're aiming big for August, but Late July is most likely the possibilty. :)




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Late July is a great time for babies! (My bday is the 36th and DS1 is the 22nd)


Congrats on the boy!! I hope the rest of the pregnancy is a little easier on you!

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Hi everyone! Great idea, Gemmine. So glad to see the new BFPs!!


For the record, Amanda, tried for 4 months, 3rd pregnancy, 4th child, due Nov. 9.


This has been my most eventful pregnancy, and not in a good way. I had a scare last week where my midwife wanted me to go in for an ultrasound to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. Thankfully, that turned out okay. And I got to get a little picture of the baby and hear the heartbeat, which I wouldn't have been able to do. I've been sooooo sick with this baby. It hit me like a ton of bricks last Monday at 6.5 weeks. I've been out of work since and trying different meds to keep food down. I'm eating more now and drinking more. I'm still pretty miserable, though. 


The fatigue is awful! on top of normal pregnancy fatigue, I have medicine induced fatigue, and the fatigue from not getting enough food or liquids. Blah. 


Not_telling, I was using Bella Bands too, until I switched to full-time PJs last week. orngtongue.gif




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Hi everyone. Gemmine what a nice idea and thanks for the invite.  I'm Savah and due with my second on Aug. 19. I conceived on the fourth month of not using bc and the third of temping. I had my 20 week ultrasound a few days ago but we couldn't get a sure shot of the gender. The placenta was pretty close to the cervix so I'm sure I'll have to get another U/S later on. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with DD so I'm not too worried about it this time around.


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Hi ladies! 

Geminne - Thanks for the fantastic thread!


Valerie - BFP after 13 cycles of TTC/charting (second cycle of Clomid & post-HSG), baby #1, Due September 27


I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow.  I haven't gained any weight yet, but I still can't button my pants... I'm in love with the bella band and use it EVERY day.  I have to go shopping, though... I have a ton of wedding festivities coming up for a friend, and I just look bloated and chunky in regular clothes... in maternity clothes, I look a little pregnant.  I'm just hoping I can still fit into my bridesmaid dress! 


I know what you ladies mean about always checking the pregnancy tests... I think I took somewhere around 15 (gotta love the Dollar Tree - and that's not counting the OPKs I peed on just to  see the smiley pop up).  I took them pretty regularly until around week 11, when I got to hear the heartbeat.  I've refrained since then, tough I have been tempted.  I still have the paranoia that something has gone wrong since my last appointment and I just don't know it yet... I'm hoping that'll go away when I can feel the little one move.


Jillybean - my Clomid coach!!  I hope the remainder of your pregnancy only gets easier. 


I'm looking forward to keeping up with everyone through this thread!


Edit - Forgot to mention to all the Nicoles on this thread... that's actually in the running for a girl's name for us.  We're looking at Sabrina Nicole or Chloe Nicole. 

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