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Should i be worried baout ds's growth?

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Would you worry if your ds's height dropped from above 90percentile in height to 33rd percentile from 15 months to 27 months? Ds used to be taller and stockier than almost every child his age, but now it seems most kids i meet his age are a little bigger. Is it normal for a child to drop off their curve so much in a year?  His weight seems okay, at 29 pounds. His height is 34.4 inches. He has a ton of energy but looks pale to me and has dark circles under his eyes. We saw a new doctor last week after our last one dropped us over a year ago. The doctor we saw shrugged off my concerns, but i just feel like something might be off. Anyone have a similar expereince with growth? am i just over worrying?

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The pale skin and dark circles would bother me more than the change in growth pattern.  My DS was 9 lbs 7 oz when born, was in 3-6 month clothes by the time he was 4 weeks old, and in 6-9 month clothes 3 weeks later.  He grew SO quickly.  Now, at 18 months, he's about 33" tall, weighs 29 lbs, and is in mostly 2T clothes.  But he has barely grown in the past 6 months, and his percentiles for weight and height have changed drastically.  He was off the chart on both height and weight.  Now he's at 75th for height and 60-65th for weight, and I'm guessing he'll slow down a bit more yet in the next year.


I'm not sure what the dark circles may be a symptom of, but I'd consider having him checked for vitamin/mineral deficiencies, just to rule that out.

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Did he maybe just learn how to walk? My child stopped growing after learning to walk for a couple months.

Also, sometimes his head will grow, but not his body height.

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Yeah, it is the combination of the change in growth pattern as well ast he paleness and dark circles that worries me. Also that he started falling off his curve after really starting solids, he started eating really late and was so chunky and rosy when he was exclusively breastfed. He does still nurse.


The doctor ordered a couple a couple blood tests, cbc and food allergy profile, but i've taken the poor thing in twice now and they can't seem to find a vein :(

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