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Car Seat

Baby Wrap

12 diapers (we did EC, used these for back up; started by using 'green' disposables)

baby clothes (whatever you think is best depending upon weather, location, etc)


that keeps it simple. we coslept.


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We tried to be pretty minimalist with our first, but due to some overenthusiastic grandparents, aunts, and friends, it didn't quite end up that way.  We got EVERYONE'S hand-me-downs.  I felt (and still feel sometimes) like their own personal Goodwill.  Of course, that came a bit after the newborn stage...  


Also, we did do a dedicated nursery, for naps, since DH works nights and I didn't want to disturb him every 2 hours when the newborn woke or went to sleep.  I bought secondhand Pottery Barn curtains and a bumper on ebay, and used hand-me-down sheets from my cousin, so it was still really inexpensive.  I also liked having the rocker in there to nurse.  When we had guests over (DH's step-dad is super-weird about watching women BF, so I went there to keep him from feeling odd), it was my little sanctuary. And because our house has little bedrooms and small closets, it's nice to have a room where I can stash all the baby clothes, diapers, breastpump, etc without it cluttering up other areas.


That said...  My essentials for our new LO on-the-way are:

- a few different baby carriers/wraps.  We have a sling, wrap, and SSC to accomodate different positions.

- diapers.  We used 24 prefolds and 8 covers, then laundered every other day.

- burp cloths/towels.  Great for leaky boobs during latching or for spit-up. Ours were homemade from flannel.

- Boppy pillow

- sleepers.  I did not like the gowns and preferred one-piece outfits or sleepers for DS.  He wore them exclusively til he was 3 months old.  Then we branched out into 2-piece outfits.

- onesies.  For wearing under other clothes for extra warmth.

- receiving blankets to swaddle

- 1 or 2 heavier blankets for extra warmth.

- maybe pacifiers.  DS had a crazy-intense need to suck, and my boobs were so terribly sore.  I also got thrush...  So after I found he was as happy with my finger as a boob, we picked up a few pacis to give my boobs a break.  Oddly enough, he self-weaned from them at about 4 months.

- a good breastpump, storage bags, and bottles.  I returned to work FT at 12 weeks, so the pump was my best friend.  I anticipate the same this time around.

- food.  I was STARVING after having DS.  I was so glad that we had cooked numerous meals ahead and stocked the freezer.

- water bottles.  I was insanely thirsty as well.  We had several water bottles stashed at my usual nursing spots.

- lots of good books.  Breastfeeding takes up a lot of your time, and I read a TON while nursing.

- nursing tanks.

- breastpads

- lanolin

- bottom balm (I used Earth Mama Angel Baby).  I tore and had some other issues "down there".  This was a godsend.

- jogging stroller

- bouncer.  Ours wasn't really bouncy, but it served as a safe place to park a sleeping baby in the bathroom so I could take a shower.


We definitely aren't as minimalist as some, but our needs are slightly different...

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Great ideas from others already, but one thing I'm not seeing on the list are a few good books.  Goodnight Moon and Pat the Bunny were favorites from a very early age in our house.   



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I wouldn't bother with a change table. This is what I consider bare minimum....


box with flaps cut off or laundry basket for clothe dipes


bed- one or two sheets, one or two blankets. no pillows or stuffed animals.

rocking chair

pillow for mom to use while nursing

baby monitor

pictures of family members or things that can stay in the room while they grow.

a large beautiful blanket for baby to lie on and play

a few toys. like, 5-7. My babies never really like baby toys.

several books to read to baby

air filter

diaper pail

night light


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