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urgent! pillow for typing while nursing?

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Help! I just lost my childcare and I have a book due in two months. Ladies, I need to equip myself for some serious NAKKing. I never mastered this with my son. Tried to use a sling but it never gave me real two handed typing. Can people explain how they do it and hopefully recommend a boppy, or other pillow -- or something -- that worked for them??? I'm desperate!

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I think that a down filled pillow works well because you can change the shape.   A pillow that is loosely filled works well for proping baby's head right where you need it.


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When I HAD to type, I found a desk chair with arms & my desktop computer to be part of the solution. The lap top didn't always have the flexibility to get the keys where I could reach AND the screen where I could see well. If you only use a laptop, I think you can hook up a regular keyboard for more flexibility. That, combined with a squishable, shapable, pillow, should do the trick. My son also nursed really well while upright in a MeiTai style carrier, so that might be worth a try too, even though a sling didnt' work in the past -- I did find that there were phases, and one week he might not want to nurse in the carrier, but the next week he'd be find with it again!

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when i nak it is usually 1 handed - like now. when I need 2 hands and punctuation :) i hold ds in a soft structured carrier and hope he is able to nurse ok Sheepish.gif

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