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Birdie - I think it was around 10 weeks when I had to start wearing my pants unbuttons (thank goodness for the belly band).  Then around 14-15 weeks (right AFTER I had my bridesmaid dress altered, of course), my belly popped out a bit.  Now I can even zip my pants.  I still don't "look" pregnant, though, especially in "normal" clothes... just look fat.  If I wear maternity clothes, I look a little pregnant. 

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Birdie: Most of the time it still doesn't feel real! but all the kicking has done *wonders* for my level of anxiety.


I started unbuttoning at 6w, was literally busting out of my pants starting at 8w, and couldn't wear my last pair of unbuttoned 'fat' pants by 12w. My hips spread fast, and while my belly didn't exactly pop that early, it just got really thick. By 16w I was showing more obviously, and in exclusively maternity wear--none of my old shirts was long enough. (Most first timers don't seem to have this happen so fast, but I guess I was a statistical outlier?) At 24w, I am starting to wonder if several of my maternity shirts will even cover my belly much longer! So don't buy more than you need at first, you may expand differently than you expect. :)

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I just put on a pair of pants that were pretty loose on me that I couldn't button this week.  I didn't really like wearing the bella band though but I will probably get used to it.  I also realised that I normally wear shorter shirts and I am having a hard time conceling my belly for work.  They don't know yet and it is going to be a big deal when I tell my boss.  She is really sweet and she knows about my m/c.  I am worrried she will be resentful because last year she tried getting pregnant with IVF and it didn't work.  She is older so it was really her last shot at it.  When I told her I was pregnant and going to m/c last time I think she was under the assumption that I didn't want to be pregnant by the way she reacted.  I think she thinks I don't want kids because I have said that I was waiting to have kids.  It was partly true but we waited and were trying for a long time and it was sort of my "excuse" to not tell people about the long road we were traveling.  So now I am afraid to tell her.  It sucks because I feel like it could affect my job.  I lift a lot of heavy and stubborn dogs and also deal with violent dogs.  Now I just get upset when those types off dogs are assigned to me instead of just coming clean to her. 

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Movement definitely helped it feel real, but I have to say--maybe because it took me a while to start showing and because i didn't ever have very strong symptoms--even after that it was still abstract in a lot of ways! We declined knowing the sex at the 20 week ultrasound because I didn't feel ready yet--I was waiting for the "realness" to kick in. I didn't feel ready to know the sex until 29 weeks, and that's when we opened the envelope. Knowing the sex definitely helped it all feel less abstract, but even now that I'm just a week or two away from giving birth, the idea of actually meeting my daughter face to face is hard to imagine in a concrete way. (Although buying a Moby wrap and setting up her dresser, stocking up on diapers, etc. has helped.)


So AFM, now I'm just hanging out, feeling her roll around in there, and anxiously analyzing everything for signs that labor might be near--it's like a reverse 2WW! According to the doctor my cervix is starting to soften and dilate, but it's been hanging out at 1 cm/50% effaced for the last 2.5 weeks. Which is why a lot of people decline cervical checks, because it gives them something else to obsess over that doesn't necessarily indicate anything significant. I've been okay with going for a natural hospital birth up to this point--because of insurance reasons my options are pretty limited in terms of care practitioners and birth location--but now I am already--at not even 39 weeks--anxious about the possibility of induction. I really hope this baby comes by 41 weeks, because after that I think my doctor's really going to want to get her out. I'm trying to remind myself that it is normal for babies to come well after the due date and I shouldn't let my excitement/anxiousness to meet her sway me into agreeing to an induction prematurely. I'm getting ahead of myself, I guess. This holding pattern feeling is frustrating!

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Oh that was a good question Val!  Thank you Blanca and Meander for sharing when you could feel movement.  Did it start to feel real then?  I am thinking it really won't feel real until the baby comes out!  


Val, you mentioned gaining in your hips...  I think I am gaining some weight there!  When did you notice your belly getting bigger?  Right now, I have a tiny pooch, but only in the evening, so I think it is a food baby on top of a real baby.


No news here, seems like pregnancy is a lot of waiting.


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Thanks again for the info Blanca & Meander!  I am having a hard time with this feeling "real."  I thought it would after the heartbeat... and it did for a couple weeks, but then I was back into a holding pattern.  My symptoms subsided (as they should in the second trimester), but I haven't had another appointment to hear anything, so I was back to my paranoia that something is wrong.  I'm hoping the U/S next week will help reassure me that all is okay, and make it feel like more of a reality. 


Tank - Good luck with your boss!


I know there are several NC ladies in here besides myself - I hope you all survived the storms okay this weekend!  I rode out the worst of the storm in the basement of a church after the wedding ceremony I was in was halted after only ten minutes because of a tornado warning.  That was some of the biggest hail I've ever seen - softball size, at least.  The wedding and reception ended up being candlelit, since we didn't have power for the rest of the night. 


Oh, and I had a belly growth spurt over the weekend!  And I think I can actually feel my fundus - I had a hard time finding it before.  All good signs, I hope.  ;)

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I forgot to ask a question - have you ladies had any issues with dizziness/nearly fainting??  I've had it happen twice - once at a church service that required a lot of standing, and again this weekend when I was a bridesmaid.  I had to leave the room mid-service, because if I didn't I knew I would be on the floor (there had been enough excitement already, didn't want to add to it).  I think it was a combo of heat (no AC plus candles), stress (hello, tornadoes), low blood sugar (hadn't eaten in six hours), plus the normal hormonal/low blood pressure issues of pregnancy.  DH is concerned, but I think it's just normal and I can wait until my appointment next week to discuss it the the doctor.  What are your thoughts - normal, or reason for concern??  Has it happened to any of you?? 

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I didn't get any of the tornado or storms but I am in western NC.  We don't get many storms anyhow thankfully because we are in the mountains. 


I have definatly been getting some dizzyness and feeling like I am going to faint.  Not a lot but I can remember a couple times that it has happened.  I have heard it sometimes happens in pregnancy and I don't know if it is something to actually be concerned about but I would definatly bring it up during your next appointment.


Maybe I am just a pregnancy noob but what is a fundus and how do you find it?

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Val--first trimester I definitely had dizzy spells--don't remember it much after that but I know it's pretty common!


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Tank - The fundus, by my understanding, is the top part of the uterus.  As your uterus grows, you can actually feel it in your abdomen as it lifts out of the pelvic area.  I've read that by 20 weeks, it should be around the belly button.  It's very firm and kind of rounded.  I can just find mine now about two or three inches below the belly button, most easily when laying down.  I even made DH feel it last night, but it kind of freaked him out and he said we shouldn't be poking around down there.  He's too cute. 


Thanks Tank and Blanca for making me feel a little better about the dizziness.  I didn't get dizzy at all in the first trimester, but it's happened twice in just the beginning of my second trimester.  Both times were under similar circumstances - a lot of standing, lack of food, and warm environment.  I think I'll hold off on calling the doctor and just wait until next week to discuss it.  If it happens again before that, I'll reconsider. 

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I also had super dizziness during my 1st trimester. Your body is adjusting to so much so quickly. I felt dizzy and weak and weird for the first couple months. Once I hit second trimester it was all better. For me, I wouldn't worry but might mention it at your next visit. 

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Hi ladies!  I noticed this thread had become dormant, so thought I'd pop in to say HI! 


So I have my U/S next week.  I'll be honest, I'm freaking out.  I know it's probably irrational, but I feel like I'm going to go in and they'll be like "just kidding, there no baby in there."  Yes, we have heard a heartbeat, but that was over a month and a half ago.  A lot can happen in that amount of time!  I'm trying to remain calm, but the closer it gets, the more terrified I become.  Anyone else go through this??

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Hi ladies! I made it! Better late than never, right? This just goes to show how long it's been since I've been on Mothering at all. My netbook decided to up and die on me so I've had no easily accessible computer except when I'm at work - and I'm usually too busy to check forums when I'm here. Today seems to be an exception smile.gif

Please add me to the list - due July 26, 2011 after 7 months of TTC, expecting a boy smile.gif

I didn't read everything up to now, just skimmed the last few posts. On dizziness - I had some vertigo in the early second trimester. It was usually due to one of two things - either dehydration (it took a while for me to get used to drinking enough water for 1.5 people!) or else it was after getting out of bed when I tried sleeping on my back. That was one of the things that eventually made me give up back sleeping greensad.gif

And Val - I had precisely the same reaction coming up to each of my ultrasounds. So paranoid that something had gone wrong in the time in between! of course nothing had but it still freaked me out!
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Thanks for thinking of me Birdie.  I haven't told my bos yet.  I want to so bad but I just don't know how to approach it.  This morning I almost told a coworker because I got there and saw that i had an absoutely ridiculous day ahead of me filled with a 150 lb dog 2 70 lb dogs and a couple of 50ish pounders.  I know I am not supposed to be lifting much and the bigger the dog the more strain it puts me under when they struggle for something.  I have been really worried about it but also smart enough to ask for help when I need it.  But it is hard when something throws me for a loop and I am by myself.  I don't know if that makes any sence.  I am hoping to tell her by Sat so that leaves 2 more days.


Happy anniversary Birdie.  We both forgot about ours this year haha.  It was also the day I had the appt where I heard the heartbeat so we had other things on our mind too!


Welcome over here Livingsky!



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Thanks for the welcome smile.gif

Reading back, someone asked about when they started feeling movement? I didn't start really feeling him move until probably 20 or 21 weeks. DH finally felt him from the outside at 23 weeks. Now I feel him all the time, though most of the time we still can't feel him on the outside (I've got a fair bit of extra "padding" that disguises it, and an anterior placenta as well). I can only feel the bumps from outside if he's kicking me up really high at the top of my stomach.

Feeling him kick didn't actually make it much more real feeling for me - but it REALLY made a difference for DH to be able to feel him. It started feeling more reasl for me once I really started to look pregnant - probably around 22/23 weeks. We flew out to visit my parents last weekend at 24.5 weeks and my mom was completely shocked at how pregnant I look smile.gif It's kind of nice actually, to finally start feeling pregnant instead of just fat!!
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Well, look what I just found. HI EVERYBODY! wave.gif How nice to see familiar faces coming together again to share our pregnancies! Blanca, I can't believe you're almost at 40 weeks! joy.gif I'll definitely be checking in here more often, though I haven't been posting/on as much since getting pregnant. Anybody else have that happen? Lots of love and hugs! goodvibes.gif
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Hi LivingSky and Tear!!  So happy to have you guys join us.  I love having some ladies on here that are a little farther along and can give us a heads up on what to expect, and what's normal. 


LivingSky - Thanks for your input on feeling the baby move.  I had been paranoid about not feeling movement, because the ladies in my DDC had been feeling it for a while (but most of them have other kids).  It was good to post in here with all first-time moms to find out that it's okay that I haven't felt anything yet.  Oh, and thanks for making me feel normal about the U/S paranoia!  I feel sometimes like it's just me being pessimistic and neurotic.  But now I'm starting to feel like it's a more normal emotion. 


Tank - Good luck with your boss!




My MIL is finally leaving after a two month visit... only two and a half more weeks to go.  I can handle that.





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ValH, we haven't had an ultrasound in a while now, but I know that for each and every ultrasound we had I went into near hysterics leading up to them. Even today I had a midwife appointment and she used the doppler and didn't find the heartbeat IMMEDIATELY (like, it took her 8 seconds) and my heart picked up an anxious beat...and the baby was kicking like...RIGHT before that. Your anxiety is totally normal, though I'm sorry because I know how hard it is.

As for movement, I didn't know I was feeling movement for sure until about a month ago...so 21 weeks-ish? I was pretty sure I was feeling it before, but kept talking myself out of it. Movement has significantly picked up in the last week (24-25), and DH can suddenly feel her almost every time. I know there are plenty of women who don't feel it until later, so that's normal. I have to agree that movement helped me feel a lot better, and then when DH started feeling her it was like....WOW!!! And btw, a two month visit? That sounds hard no matter how much you love your MIL. Hang in there!
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Hey awesome Bajingo moms-to-be:


Just wanted to pop in say hi, and let you know I put a link to this thread in the main bajingo post right above 2011 pregnant graduates.

Birdie, so glad you started this, hope more of us will be joining you soon!



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Hi ladies!  Just wanted to say I hope everyone had a very happy Easter!!  :)

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