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Birdie - Hey!  I hope your new job is going great.  It's good that your uniform is covering your belly bump for now. 


Things with the MIL are tense, to say the least.  Yesterday, she let my cat out of the house.  We got her back, but still, not cool.  MIL did not do it on purpose, but we haven't really spoken much since then.  I just need some space - I'm a bit hormonal! 

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I told my boss today and it went well!  I told her I needed to take some time off in Oct or Nov... to have my baby.  She knew about my m/c and was happy for me to have made it to the 2nd trimester.  My coworkers were also psyched too which I was also worried about.  Just because only one of them has kids and most of them plan on not ever having kids. 


That sucks about your MIL letting your cat out Val.  I would be freaking out too.  One time an old roommate left the door open and my dog got out and had been stuck outside all night.  I was pretty upset.  She ran loose back then so I wasn't worried about her running away per say but I was freaked out about her being locked out.  I was lucky I came home earlier than I planned because I knew I couldn't trust him.

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Tank - glad the announcement went well with your boss and co-workers!  Hopefully you can avoid the heavy jobs now. 


U/S was today, and there really is a little baby in there!  Yay!!!

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Just wanted to pop in and say Val--don't know how you can handle such a long MIL visit! Tear--it is great to "see" you and congrats again on your little girl--not too much longer to go, now! Tank--that's great it went well telling your boss and people are supportive.


My news: Eliza Lucille was born April 24 (Easter Sunday) at 9:53 p.m. Overall, it was a good experience. Labored at home for several hours with the help of our doula. When we arrived at the hospital, I was at 5 cm, and the hospital was nothing like the controlling medicalized horror show I'd been dreading--it was quiet, peaceful, and the staff was super respectful of my birth plan. That said, it was a long labor and I did end up getting an epidural, which is probably the best thing I could have done in my situation--I was throwing up from pain and had been up since the previous morning (contractions kept me awake all night) and still only at 6 cm. So after 24 hours of labor the epidural let me rest and just feel more relaxed. It didn't numb me completely--took away the contraction pain but I could still feel and move my legs just fine. Five hours later, I was complete and ready to push. We waited until the baby was +2 station so she didn't have far to go. I think I pushed for about an hour, maybe a little more, and then here she was! Three small tears that the doctor stitched up. We managed a little breastfeeding right away--she came out screaming and eager to suck.


Here's a photo! Postpartum adjustment has been rough--we've had some nursing difficulties but things are getting easier as my milk is coming in and we're both getting the hang of things. It is overwhelming but even short naps make me feel like I can do this after all.


Eliza on changing table.jpg

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Blanca, she's beautiful! Eliza is one of my favorite names. Thanks so much for sharing. I'll post a link over on the ttc thread, too, i really think everyone would love to see. :) xoxo


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Blanca - CONGRATS!!!  She is so beautiful!  Thank you so much for sharing your story - I love to hear when hospital births go well, since that's what we're planning.  Best of luck to your new little family.  :)

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I just need to vent for a minute... okay, my MIL is STILL here (it's been over two months... but we only have a week left).  I'm pregnant, it's nearly 90 degrees outside, I'm cooking dinner, and I'm hot (odd for me, my hormones must be in high gear).  MIL keeps turning OFF my ceiling fan everytime I leave the room.  What the heck???  I turn it on for a reason, if you're cold, go put on more clothes.  Ugh! 


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Wow Val that would really really annoy me.  Reminds me of a roommate I used to have.  I used to cook every night and usually start cooking, go to my room for 10 minutes and then come back out to the kitchen to check on the food.  Every single time I would leave the kitchen my roommate would turn off the light.  The reason I left the light on is because my house is very dark and if it is turned off I would have to turn on a light anyway on the way to the kitchen and then turn it off so it just made sence to just leave the kitchen light on so I could see my way back and forth.  Plus I was only gone from the kitchen for 10 min or less.  It DROVE ME NUTS and I wasn't even pregnant back then.  I can only imagine if someone did somethig like that to me now while I am super hormonal.


Birdie I always like the food comparisons for the baby.  Right now mine is a lemon.


I have a feeling I'm going to be one of those annoying people who love being pregnant.  I really do love it and not just because it took me so long to get here.  I just feel really positive and calm in general.  Of course I have my moments but when I think about it I feel really happy.

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Birdie - Feel free to vent away if your houseguests do anything annoying!  The slow-cooker idea sounds great.  I wanted to do that for today, but instead decided on rosemary lamb - I can have that prepared and in the oven in five minutes.  I like easy!   The fruit comparisons are fun - right now my little one is at a large tomato.  I also love it when they throw in comparisons for your uterus, too... not long ago, I remember it being a canteloupe.  I think my uterus may have outgrown the fruit section by now, though. 


Tank - I think I'm going to be the same, annoying pregnant person.  Both my sister and one of my best friends were miserable during pregnancy, so they're constantly asking how I'm feeling, I think half-expecting me to be miserable.  But nope, I'm always doing great.  Of course, I think having been blessed with so few of the nasty pregnancy symptoms has really helped in my attitude. 


MIL is leaving a week from today!  I really think if she wasn't having memory/health issues, I wouldn't take everything in stride like I've been doing.  And now she's on a kick where she wants to go back to Egypt.  We're hoping to talk her out of that - all of her kids live in the states, so there's no one there to take care of her.  At least for now she's just going to stay in Seattle for at least one more month. 


A question for those that are further along - I know I'm feeling movement now, but when does it become pretty consistent?  And when is it consistent enough for DH to feel it?  I've been able to catch it from the outside a couple of times, but unless DH just sits with his hands on my belly constantly, I don't know how he'll catch it.

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I am really loving being pregnant, too. I am normally prone to being, shall we say, over-emotional... but I have been feeling so very serene these 6 1/2 months. It's weird but so nice. The opposite of what I expected. Anyway, I'll totally miss feeling this peaceful. (On the downside, I'm having problems with carpal tunnel syndrome and the ankle swelling has commenced in earnest, so it's not all rainbows and unicorns, but I LOVE it anyway.)


I've got a cauliflower this week. I don't normally care for cauliflower... :)


Val: DH still hasn't felt it. The kid stops kicking almost every time my belly is touched, by me or anyone else--I guess he's shy? so I only feel it from the outside once every few days or so. And let's be honest, my DH is not the most patient of men. :) Movements for me are still pretty variable. I am thinking I have felt him at least daily since maybe 23 weeks? I had some really quiet days last week where I was getting a little worried--maybe one or two thumps all day, but he's all energetic now. (I can't feel a thing towards my back still, so I figure he was probably kicking me back there all along.)

Oh, and I think you must be a saint...There is no member of my family or DHs I could put up with for more than a week.  I'm glad to hear there's an end in sight, and you can have your home back soon!

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Okay, I think I jinxed myself when I said earlier that I haven't had any of the nasty pregnancy symptoms... today I can't walk.  Literally.  My back started hurting last night a little.  By the time I went to bed, I couldn't stand up straight and could barely walk.  I tried everything to get sleep - the floor, the couch - but was only able to sleep about three hours.  I'm still in excrutiating pain this morning.  I have about thirty minutes to decide if I can make it to work today.  I'm definitely calling the doctor when they open at 8.  I expected some back pain, but not to the point where I cannot function. 


Meander - I always love to hear that you and your babe are doing well!  Hopefully DH will be able to feel the movement from the outside eventually... you guys still have a few more weeks to keep trying to catch it.  :)

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Val- I started going to the chiropractor in early pregnancy because of back pain and it's been an incredible help. I also have this thing where my hip pops out of joint which only got worse with pregnancy and the regular adjustments have totally kept it in check. (It's excruciatingly painful and I can't walk) Chiro can help get the pelvis ready for delivery too, might be worth checking out. Sorry you're in so much pain.

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Just popping in quickly - I feel like I'm always saying that these days! I've been getting almost no online time. I seem to either have the time to read everything, but not post, or just post but not read anything.

Val - I hope your back is feeling better! I've had one or two days where the back pain got bad, but not nearly as bad as you're describing. So I very much hope that a chiropractic visit solves that for you! If not, maybe acupuncture would help?

birdie.lee - I only just started being able to see movement from the outside last week.

meander: DH started being able to feel the movement from outside about 2 weeks after I knew for sure I was feeling kicks. But I have a tendency to sit at my desk with my hands resting on my stomach, so baby is used to my belly being touched.

As for relatives - my parents are arriving tomorrow! WOOHOO! I'm so excited I think I'll hardly sleep tonight. They'll be here for 2 weeks. My dad and DH will be removing a wall from our bedroom so we'll have a lot more room. They're building storage shelving in our garage, and then my dad begins work on a new enclosed porch on our house.

DH and I went to a huge yneighbourhood garage sale today and got a ton of second hand baby stuff! We got a gorgeous wooden highchair that I'm absolutely in love with. I'm pretty sure we have almost everything we need now, except car seat and stroller.

And of course, last but definitely not least:
CONGRATULATIONS BLANCA!!!!!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif
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Happy mother's day, Bajingo grads! We still love.gif ya!





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elowny - Thanks for the chiropractor tip - definitely something I will keep in mind if this pain comes back. 


Birdie - Happy 12 weeks to you!  That is today, right?? 


LivingSky - So good to see you still around!  Glad everything is going well with you and baby.  And yay for buying all the baby stuff... I've got zilch so far. 


Thanks for all the sympathies and suggestions on my back pain.  I had to take the pain meds and muscle relaxers on Thursday so I could sleep, but after a lot of bedrest and heating pad time, I'm feeling much better.  I can stand up straight now, and my back only has occasional twinges, usually from sitting for too long (too bad I drive from 3-5 hours per day for work... ugh). 


DH finally got to feel the baby move this weekend!  Only once - he hasn't been able to catch it after that.  I can't see any movement yet that I notice.  But I can tell where the baby is at by feeling of my belly - that makes it a little easier to hopefully catch those kicks from the outside. 


Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend! 

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hey everyone.  Just stopping in to say hi.


I am getting my first piece of baby equiptment today.  I am getting a changing table from someone on craigslist.  It's funny.  Last night I was just telling my partner that I didn't want to buy much but I would really like a changing table to put in the bathroom because we don't really have a good surface to put the baby down onto because our bed is so high.  I went onto craigslist and saw a changing table for cheap so I am going to pick it up today.  I think I am also going to go to a consignment shop too a little later.  I probably won't buy anything, just to look.  I don't want to buy much because I know my friend is going to throw me a baby shower and I will get stuff then too.


I am getting so emotional.  The other day I watched the movie whip it, the roller derby movie and cried the whole time.  Its ridiculous.  I never cried during movies before.


Val that's awesome that your DH felt the baby move!  I can't wait until my DP can feel it too.

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