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What's cooking in Spring? (April, May)

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The thread for inspiration in the vegan and vegetarian kitchen!


Now that spring is here (or almost here) and the farmer's markets are starting to pop with strawberries and other yummy spring foods, let's all share what deliciousness we are cooking up!  


*Please post here with what you are up to in the kitchen: meal plans, recipes, ideas, what's working, what isn't, ingredients you are loving, etc.

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MIL made bean tacos for dinner tonight. Yay for not having to cook!!


I have 2 blocks of seitan in the freezer so I may try salisbury seitan this week. Need to use up some tempeh too but I am not sure what to do with it.

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Asparagus and spaghetti with strawberry marinara and pine nuts. It may sound crazy, but strawberry marinara is the best thing that ever happened to spring.


Start the water for spaghetti, whole wheat is really, really way better for this, the stronger flavor and coarser texture really complement the berries. Heat a cast iron skillet, add a tablespoon or two of good, fruity olive oil, and a pound of strawberries hulled and quartered.once the berries have started to reduce and thicken, add 2 tablespoons of either really good balsamic vinegar, or a balsamic reduction, 3 cloves of minced garlic, a half teaspoon of salt and a several cranks of fresh ground black pepper. Mix the sauce into one pound of cooked spaghetti, garnish with toasted pine nuts. IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD!!!

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The strawberry sauce sounds interesting...it must be a beautiful color. If strawberries weren't so expensive here (and if the kiddos didn't gobble the whole basket at once) I would try it. Maybe this summer.


Last night we had lo mien with  tons of bok choi and garlic. Tonight, I am planning lentil sloppy joes, coleslaw and sweet pot. fries. I have basil in the fridge needing to be used, so I think we will have pesto pasta tomorrow... 


So, I really would love to like tempeh but have had some bad experiences with it. Are there some brands that are better? Cooking methods?






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I've found that the ways I like tempeh best are recipes that include some sugar. I love the sweet curry glaze that I'm including below, tempeh bacon where the marinade includes some maple syrup, and the baja grilled tacos from V'con, but I add a couple of tablespoons of agave to it. What I find is that a little bit of sweet makes the marinade flavors seem to penetrate better. I made the taco recipe as written for my BIL one time, he's diabetic and so I left out the agave, and it was bland and dull-tasting.




1 8oz package tempeh
3 tbs prepared mustard (I used half yellow and half spicy brown)
1 clove garlic crushed (ok, I used 3, but they were tiny and I garlic)
1/4 tsp minced ginger (omit this if you want, I have prepared ginger in the fridge)
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp curry powder
1/4 cup apricot jam

Preheat oven to 350
Slice the tempeh in half across the length, and then split it so it is thinner. I then cut mine into triangles, but I'm weird. Mix together all of the other ingredients, and dip the tempeh into the sauce, coating it on all sides. Lay the tempeh into a parchment lined pan (you don't want to have to try to clean this glaze off your pan. Trust me) and bake for 25 minutes total, flipping it twice, and adding part of the rest of the sauce each time you flip it.

Serve over rice.



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I've never found the love for tempeh, at least not when I try and cook/prepare it at home. There is a local vegan restaurant that makes a tempeh bacon BLT sandwich that is amazing. But I've never figured out how to replicate it.


That strawberry sauce sounds fantastic.  I may have to give it a try.


I made a kale and white bean soup last night that turned out great.  

Not sure how this week will go. We are leaving for a big two weeks trip this weekend, so I am just trying to eat what we have and not shop.  But that's always challenging and can lead to some odd meals.  I have broccoli and beets that need to be used. . .anyone have a broccoli salad recipe they like?

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Catnip- that sounds good. Thank you! 


Feeling very chilled today. It's kind of cloudy and around 12 above. Yuck. We were just getting hopeful with the week or so of upper 30's.  DH is taking DD out after her ballet class tonight so it will be just me and DS and younger DD. I am trying to resist the urge to pick up take-out red curry tofu...trying to be frugal and be happy with homemade (pain in the butt to make) curry or some sort of curry soupish thing. We will see.

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Originally Posted by kismetbaby View Post

I've never found the love for tempeh, at least not when I try and cook/prepare it at home. There is a local vegan restaurant that makes a tempeh bacon BLT sandwich that is amazing. But I've never figured out how to replicate it.


That wouldn't happen ro be Sebastopol would it? I used to live in Petaluma. That was where I fell in love with Tempeh. I love their vegan mayo, too.
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I made Taco soup in the crockpot on Monday. Then I added some more stuff yesterday. I threw it back on the crock this morning. I had planned tempeh reubens tonight. I haven't gotten the tempeh started yet though. I might just wait till tomorrow and do some spaghetti instead. I wanted to do potato salad, too.

Currently eating oreos and almond milk:o
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I don't normally have good follow-through with posting in these threads, but let's see how far I get this month!  I do love mining the posts for ideas.


4/4 - Pinto Bean Enchiladas

4/5 - Lima Loaf

4/6 - Farm Stand Chili with Chickpeas

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tempeh reubens and potato salad has been demolished
looking forward to chocolate peanut butter soy ice cream and oreos.

Costco size box of oreos is naughty.
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I've not been very good about cooking anything interesting lately. Last night was Quorn patties, tater tots and apple slice...boring and not too healthy. I ust don't feel like putting in the effort when I know my kids are just going to complain about whatever I make. Oh well, I just made MYSELF a pot of lentil and onion soup YUM!


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Made a vegan version of Spaghetti-O's last night. Tonight I made BBQ seitan sandwiches. All of that with sides of whatever vegetables we had on hand. That's all I can remember of this month! A little troubling, haha.

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Last night was Quinoa Chili. We make it with red quinoa, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, onion and garlic, chili powder, cumin, cayenne, s&p, 1-2 tbsp of nooch and occasionally 1 tbsp cocoa powder. Garnish with fresh cilantro and eat with unsalted tortilla chips.


I was craving pita chips and hummus so I made both after dinner yesterday, to be eaten today. 


It finally looks like spring here! The snow is almost all gone!




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Made a Vegan Pad See Ew recipe last night. It was ok but I have to remember that anytime I make something with rice noodle the sauce needs to be doubled.

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I made Spicy Black Bean Burgers. They were really good, but kind of soft. I think I did something wrong with them. But they still tasted good.
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We're having a lot of stir-fry --some with tofu, some with garbanzo beans--, beans 'n rice, & thai-style curries. My big project for the week is to learn to make really good, fresh spring rolls. Counting the days until the CSA begins...

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Last night was cauliflower, lentil and spinach curry. Tonight we had veggie burgers, oven fries, broccoli and asparagus. I think I'm going to splurge on chocolate chip cookies for dessert. My original plan was an almond dream sandwich, but then it went from sunny and warm to overcast and cold, and now I don't want to eat ice cream any more.

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tonight- peanut noodle salad
Tues- kitchen sink enchiladas
wed- spicy lentil casserole and carrot sticks
Thurs- garbanzo Indian curry

Friday- tamale casserole and salad

sat spaghetti

sun- hot cross buns

picnic with bread cheese fruit and nuts

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