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Help - I think the pediatrician caused UTI

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Hello everyone, I am so upset, and there is a lot of wisdom in this forum so I'm hoping some of you can help.

Last week, at a well-baby visit for my 7-month old, the pediatrician pushed gently back on my son's foreskin, commenting that it looked tight (which as we know is exactly how it should be). It happened so quickly that I had no time to protest. The glans wasn't exposed, and I don't believe the doctor pushed beyond the point of resistance, and my son didn't react.  Afterward, his penis looked the same as always - no redness or irritation.

However - this week my poor little guy started having raging fevers, and it turns out he has a UTI.  I am so upset - beating myself up for not making it clear from the first moment of the visit that the doctor was not to touch my son's penis.  I feel I let my little boy down.

The antibiotics will clear the UTI of course, but my concern is - will my boy now be more prone to UTIs?  Or, since there was no pain or redness, is it likely that the glans and foreskin are still completely fused as before and able to resist bacteria?

I am really grateful for any information anyone has.  I have also learned a very valuable lesson about starting any encounter with a doctor or nurse with a firm discussion.

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I really dont think this will make your ds more prone to UTI from what you described he didnt retract enough to cause separation. Even if he did your ds's body will heal itself very quickly.

It could be just a coincidence between the retraction and UTI it is really hard to say for sure. It sucks that we all who have intact boys have to be so on guard all the time greensad.gif
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I would think the UTI was a one time thing.  I would guess it was a simple matter of cross contamination.  Which is a general concern, and may mean your Dr's handwashing habits aren't up to snuff.  It he had bacteria from a sick patient still on his hands when he retracted he could have introduced them to the urethra.  Normally the bacteria would get washed out by peeing, but if your DS was sore from the retraction, he may have been trying not to pee for a while.  Since the soreness will subside and the bacteria won't be reintroduced,  the cause of the UTI will be gone.


If it does turn out to be a recurring matter, I would be more likely to suspect internal abnormalities (such as reflux) than that it was related to the single retraction incidence.


Make sure you follow up the abx with probiotics.  Yogurt is a good simple source of them.

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Thank you so much for your kind replies.  



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