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mods: I put this here rather than in the Free For Shipping forum because I will only ship to Germany and I think have a higher chance of reaching folks in Germany on this forum.


So I'm decluttering and I have some back issues of Mothering...I had a subscrpition for about 1.5 years, so it will be the last maybe 4-6 issues, plus I just ordered some back issues I want to read through and then be done with, so in total around 10 back issues of Mothering.


Also: back issues of The Mother (AP magazine from England), maybe four of them at this time.


and back issues of Unerzogen (unschooling / AP magazine from Germany), I think I have four at this time.


One issue of The Green Parent (also from the UK)


...and while we're at it I have loads and loads of back issues of Ode magazine, Utne Reader and E Environmental Magazine.


If anyone would like any or all of these, please PM me asap. I only want the shipping costs, within Germany bookpost is not expensive, I am guessing, for example, the Mothering issues would cost 10€ or less to ship. You can either use Paypal or a bank transfer to pay.