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Help me find pants that don't fall off

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My DD is fairly thin, but is developing hips and a bum as she approaches puberty.  She usually wears somewhere between an 8/10 in girls and a 0/1 in juniors- if I hem the pants.   


While I can find things that will go on and appear to fit, as she goes about her day and bends over or squats down, the pants slide down her bum or fall as she runs around.  A belt occasionally helps, but not always.  I need a source of comfortable clothes that aren't cut with a really low rise for her.  Any suggestions?


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Well, an 8/10 is really a kids size, so I would check with companies that offer slim kids sizes.  Gap Kids, Lands End Kids, Children's Place, and Justice come to mind, just to name a few.  Kids versions of juniors clothing is found at American Eagle and Aeropostale-they have separate lines.  



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The problem with true kids sizes is that they don't fit her hips well.  I don't think they design for a 9 year old with an hourglass silhouette.  We can do 8/10 in shorts and skirts if they are a stretchy material- of they are a woven material they are too narrow in the hips and gap at the back, but the pants are too short and fit like capris.  The juniors fit with some tailoring, but they still slide down giving her plumber-butt.  She has a 20 inch waist, a 32.5 inch hip, and is 59 inches tall.  I think it's the big waist/hip ratio that makes it so hard. 



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What about stretchy pants, like leggings, with a longer top over them?  Your dd is 9 y/0-so third grade?  When my dd was that age she did a lot of Hanna Andersson capri type leggings with skirts or tunic tops over them.  She was very tall and slim, so honestly, she never wore regular pants until she went to jr. high-nothing fit.  Many of the elementary girls in my 8 y/o ds' school wear things along this line because pants are so tricky at this age.

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I 2nd the suggestion for leggings with a longer top over them. You can get them in shorter lengths for summer.

My 6 year old has an extremely long torso and an ample rear end so I've been through basically the same thing. She can't keep anything pulled up other than leggings or stretchy knit pants/shorts. I find the leggings at Target, Old Navy, Gap and Hanna Andersson. Also, Old Navy tends to cut their shirts longer in length so they cover a bit more.

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:)  We've resorted to the leggings and tunic a lot lately.  She is involved in a few activities with kids who are older than she is (she is doing middle school work, homeschooled, but part of a gifted program that meets a couple times a week) and she says she is tired of looking like a little kid. 


I think this may just be one of those times where her body needs to catch up to her brain so she can 'fit in' with the kids she identifies as her peer group. 

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