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With my first, I pushed for almost 5 hours! I know it was because I did'nt understand about the "lip of the cervix" still there but the nurses told me to push anyways,so I did,it was awful;I was kept an addtionial day because my labia swelled and bruised soo badly!!
With all my other children it was like 20 minutes, right down to the last 5, which were only two pushes!!
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anothermama ~ Wow, that's awesome!! I'm glad that you listened to your instincts rather than your nurse and midwife!! I'm at the point of trying to decide whether to chance having to fight my way through the birth I want or just having a midwife assisted birth in a hotel room close to the hospital! Since I'm a VBAC, I have a feeling they will be hassling me even more if my birth doesn't fit into their ideas of how birth should go!! I'm going to present my birth plan to my midwife on Wednesday and her reaction will help me decide what to do!
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Pushing usually varies birth to birth.

My 1st son I pushed for 45 mintues.

My 2nd son I pushed for 2 hours.

My 3rd son pushed for 30 minutes.

My daughter was born at home and the midwife told to me push on my own, when I was ready. With her I pushed for 8 minutes!! But since I pushed her out so fast, she didn't have time to mold into the birth canal and I broke her collar bone. But she was fine.
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Hey fluffy peanut--

I think our midwives might be related. I pushed for about 2 1/2 hours after mine started me down that road. At home, no less! On my back, holding my breath, counting to ten. Lots of transfer threats and admonishments to work harder. I was really shocked. I guess I felt like something must be really wrong or she wouldn't be doing it the hospital way. Eventually dd's heart rate started to drop and take forever to recover. It all worked out when I got out of bed and squatted. Afterward, I was really pissed about the whole thing. Everything was fine until the midwife showed up! It just goes to show, homebirth + midwife doesn't necessarily mean low-intervention birth. Know your provider!
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Wow Katja, it does sound like they're related!! I was completely shocked that my homebirth midwife was managing my birth that way!! It just goes to show that not all midwives or doctors are created equal!

My current midwife (a CNM in a hospital) believes in the woman's body to birth, but I'm afraid that since she's in a hospital, I wont get the freedom I desire to let my body birth completely naturally, at least not without a fight. I'm mainly afraid that, like my last birth, I wont feel the urge to push right away and people are going to freak, especially since I'm a VBAC.
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Had a serious bigtime monster urge to push with DS-felt like I had to poop-and he was out in a few pushes...DH couldn't slow me down though like he learned in class, bless his heart, so I got a third degree tear! Next time, planning a homebirth with an experienced midwife who can help protect my perineum
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DD #1--10 hours!!! She was posterior, in a military presentation with a asynclitic(ms?) head. I pushed until we made the call to transfer and she was born with some help from the vaccum extractor. I suffered 3 episiotomies that lead to 3rd degree tears. She was 8lbs 8ozs.

DD #2--17 minutes. She was born at a free standing birth center and I didn't tear at all!!! She was 8lbs 13.5ozs.
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Hi :-)

I pushed for 2.5 hours with my first, and for 4 minutes with my second (even though he was posterior). Both times I initiated pushing because it felt right. After the first birth I was very beat up down there, after the second life was wonderful (seriously, it felt like somebody hit me down there but compared to the first, that's NOT BAD). The first time it just kind of felt right to push - the second time I arrived at the hospital and 7 minutes later I was holding DS, because pushing was totally not a voluntary thing at that point, it was happening (even though the $#*&$ nurse tried to get me to stop because she thought I was only 6 cm dilated). My first was smaller by exactly a pound (she was 7lbs7oz, DS was 8lbs7oz) and she was positioned 'correctly' but that time pushing was much more difficult. I don't know if it was a first-baby thing, an issue of pushing more effectively (I focussed and visualized with my second) or what.
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I pushed for about 4 hours with my first (homebirth - 8lb 8oz). She was posterior though, her head was tipped a bit to the side, and she presented with a hand up to her face. I had the urge to push when I was 10cm and had a bit of a lip left. I tore a little but not too bad. I needed 4 stiches I believe.
With my 2nd, my body did all the work for me before the midwifes even arrived. I probably pushed (it was involuntary pushing) for 10 to 15 minutes. I had a small tear (1 stitch) at the bottom of my vagina and 2 tears on the labia. I believe giving birth in the water really helped me not to tear badly that time. She was 9lb 8oz.
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Hi all, just jumping in with both feet here...

With my first I pushed for 2 hours all the while hearing whisperings of (c-section) in the background. Now I never felt the urge to push, just trusted that the nurses knew kwim?

Soo with that in mind the second time around, I made sure it was just dh and I without an army of nurses and whatnot barging in and examining and all. The dr. did do an exam a couple hours into labour, declared I was 7 cm and would be a few more hours until baby would arrive. I knew different. He had just left the room when my water broke, I felt like pushing (even though the nurse was horrified seeing as how I was only 7 cm.) and Maya was born minutes later with dr. arriving back in room to "catch" her if you will The nurse said after that she had never seen someone push thru from 7 to delivery. I doubt that!!!
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I didn't 'feel the urge' to push and ended up pushing for 2 hours & 10 mins . Once they started talking about 'helping' me I put all I had into it and thankfully they didn't intervene .
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i pushed for a little over an hour with my son.. I had an epidural & demerol.. I was tired & my heart wasent in it.. my DH wasnt there yet (my son was 3 weeks early & he was working in virginia) .. he got there & i delivered 10 mins later

my DD I pushed out in 3 pushes.. the nurses where telling me NOT to push, because my doc wasent there yet, I delivered 35 minutes after getting to the hospital .. no epi or drugs .. my doc got there 2 minutes before my daughter was born
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