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BWing alternative design?

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DH doesn't like the fuss of buckles and adjusting them.  He also hates tying behind his back because he worries he will drop the baby in the process. (Heck, the man still tries to catch our nine year old at the bottom of the slide at times, he's a worrier!)  He tried one of my carriers in an alternative configuration, and it seems to have really clicked for him in terms of both comfort and ease of use.  In the second picture, I tied the extra length from the straps behind him, but it was not necessary or tight enough to add support.  It was simply that they are xl mei tai straps and he would have tripped on them.  The cross straps loop through the rings on either side of the body and could tie off simply in front.  


(This is actually our preschooler's carrier, so my toddler is a little swamped in it. )



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What carrier is that with the rings?

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It's one  designed for  a tall preschooler without a lot of core strength- the rings are attached to an additional 2 layers of canvas that  provide added support throughout the child's trunk.  The wings coming around to the side help to stabilize the child when those muscles may be weak.  


I'll add  a picture with the contrast boosted so you can see what I mean by that. 



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