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Cravings for coffee?? Help!

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I am 29 weeks pregnant with baby #2, the past few days I have all of a sudden developed a strong craving for coffee. Now I know most cravings mean something, anyone know what a craving for coffee means?

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I've been drinking coffee this pregnancy, not every day, but a couple times a week. I have really low blood pressure, and the caffeine helps me to get through the day without feeling like I'll pass out.


Do you know your BP? Your blood volume is at its peak around 28 weeks, so maybe that's what it is? 



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My bp has been great pretty normal so far (*knock on wood*). With my first I got preeclampsia out of no where around 33 weeks so I've been taking my bp daily at home. Its just the taste that I crave so much. I don't know why? Lol.
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Why not just get some decaf? I drank coffee throughout my #2 pregnancy with no ill effects.

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I wouldnt avoid a cup a day honestly....the data on it is incredibly conflicted..enough so that I dont feel the slightest bit guilty with having a cup


as far as what you may be craving instead of actually coffee.....magnesium of course!

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I've heard that coffee might be the main source of antioxidants in the American diet. Maybe that has something to do with it? I agree about the decaf, it's great, and has helped me stay hydrated.

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I believe it helps regulate blood sugar, how's that feeling for you?


Or maybe your body's Ph is off?


I too have had coffee throughout my pregnancies and wouldn't dream of eliminating it entirely (although I realize that wasn't your question!!)

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Hmmm...I have always had low blood pressure.  I never thought of that; but with my pregnancies, once the morning sickness passes, I'm back to a cup in the morning of regular coffee.  I've heard coffee supplies most Americans a couple of grams of fiber, too, in addition to the antioxidants.  But the taste and the pep are why I have it in moderation. 

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