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I think the point was....if an exclusively BFing mom wants a few hours/days away from her baby, there's a good chance she CANNOT take that opportunity b/c she is BFing. OTOH, if a FF mom wants to get away from baby, it's a non-issue since anybody can feed the baby.
I didn't take much time without Eli, but I certainly had the opportunity to do so.. I could pump a bottle or two (or eight.. huge oversupply : ) and go out for an hour or whatever and just walk around Borders or AC Moore if I really needed some time to myself (and I did, I think that most mothers do). I never felt that I was trapped or forced into taking Eli everywhere with me just because we were (exclusively) nursing. After I got my period back doing all the 'right' things at 3.5 weeks, I figured I may as well enjoy the opportunities that pumping afforded me.