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We have a couple of Elizabeth Mitchell CD's (her music also comes up on Pandora) and DS loves, loves, loves her lullabies.  She has one album, I think it's called "You Are My Little Bird" with lots of lullabies about birds.  We sing those.  His favorite starts, "Oh, little red bird, come to my windowsill.  Been so lonesome, shakin' that morning chill."  It's soft and sweet and he just loves it.  I also sometimes sing him "Annie's Song," a John Denver song.

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There's a singer by the name of Priscilla Herdman who has a CD out of lullabies and night songs, the title is Stardreamer. My girls love it. I went looking for it before my older daughter was born due to a song I remember hearing when I was in second grade called Waltzing with Bears. There are a number of good songs on there, some traditional and others not as well known.

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...this old man...

we sing the verses up to 10, repeat (if we need to) with new rhyming words/people that have been knick knacked upon, sing the verses back from 10, repeat ... 




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I sing swing low, sweet chariot and often repeat it a few times... Also "Down in the river" which is kind of long if you don't know it but very repetitive and usually is sung as low as you go. Here is the link to the lyrics http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/alisonkrauss/downtotherivertopray.html

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