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Who's having Webster technique?

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Pretty sure there are others having chiro adjustments...question for you.  Does your bum hurt?  :P  My bum is so sore - I've had two adjustments so far.  I guess it's the SI joint, with pain in the muscles etc around it?  I had issues on the right side in the exact same spot last pregnancy, so I am worried it will become as debilitating as it was at that time (I was in serious pain for about a month, it impaired mobility significantly - luckily I got it fixed up and mostly healed with lots of massage before the birth).


The chiro says it's normal and also a sign that my body is responding to the adjustments (I do indeed have some issues in the alignment of pelvic bones which, I hope, are contributing to breech presentation), but not being familiar with chiro treatment, I am still a wee bit worried.  I am happy to deal with it if it's going to help baby turn *fingers crossed*

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I do chiro, but it's not webster. I have found that there are different types of chiro, my doc is much more holistic, doesn't use anything but himself to make adjustments, none of the crazy chiro gadgets that kind of thing. My doc also assesses me when I walk in the room, he can automatically tell where I need adjusting just by looking at me stand (It's almost creepy, but really cool). I looked up Webster and it looks like the more medicalized end of chiro.

That being said, I have no problems with that, I just ended up with a doc who has a different approach.

As far as soreness after adjustments goes, if you are new to adjustments and you had some alignment issues, I think that it is pretty normal to have some soreness. I know that when I stop going for a while that I often have muscle soreness for the first couple weeks as everything gets back into place. I think chiro is a huge benefit no matter what and has pretty much halted my back pain from this pregnancy in it's tracks from when I started going in the 2nd trimester. I hope it feels better soon!

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Ive tried many different schools of chiropractic thought and various adjustment techniques at this point and the Webster technique isnt medicalized at all for me.  The webster technique is just a series of adjustments that has been shown to overwhelmingly help malpositioned babies.  Often our ligaments are tight due to our pelvis being out of alignment and that will prevent the babe from doing what he/she needs to do to get in the right position.  I saw non webster certified chiros my last pregnancy and I will NEVER make that mistake again.  The difference, for me, between chiros that specialize in pregnancy and birth and those that dont has been unreal.  My current chiro has me feeling better then I did before I was pregnant with my first :)  - That's all to say, give it a chance. The Sacroilliac is a massive joint and  adjustments to it can be very painful in the beginning.  But the idea is that you are getting the joint in the right place so that it can start holding and healing.  If your sacroilliac isnt moving, your sacrum isnt moving, and that is no bueno when it comes to birthing.  If you havent been getting chiro care then you are probably going to be going multiple times a week at first.  Utilize heat and cold and hopefully you will start feeling changes really soon.This babe was persistant breech and one session of webster's had her head down.  I do go weekly though, so I feel like that helped it happen alot quicker then someone who hasnt been going.  I had also tried moxa daily, inversions, pool handstands, ice packs, talking to baby down low, visualizations and more Im forgetting about with zip in the way of results.  My pelvis was out and as soon as we rectified that and worked on the  ligaments to help them stop compensating baby did what she was supposed to.  It was really quite amazing!   As a birth worker we have sent so many women to this chiro and she has only  had one client that I know of.. and these are dozens and dozens of women, whose baby did not turn.  When they went to do the version they visualized a cord wrapped around the neck that made the baby unable to turn.  Good luck!







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Thanks for the reassurance :)  It is feeling a lot better today.  That area is a nasty one for me even on a regular day, it feels tender and sore just from gentle pressure from my own fingers massaging over it.  I agree, Mamachef, I don't find it overly aggressive adjustment- wise...it is certainly a little moreso than my regular osteopathic therapy (which I am also keeping up with), but not much more. I saw a chiro during my last pregnancy who i felt, frankly, was a bit quacky - he was trying to do soft tissue work and basically the main benefit was I got to really practice my relaxation techniques for labour, because it was pretty much on the same pain scale!.  This chiro seems a lot less invasive and her practice is fairly focused on moms and babies.  I've been twice since Saturday, am going again tomorrow, and again next Monday, and plan to keep up with 2-3 times a week until the baby comes out (whichever way that happens to be!!).  It's ain't over till it's over, right? 


Have been feeling movement at top and bottom of belly simultaneously for about 24 hours now, but I don't trust what's feet and what's hands...my faith in my ability to figure out movement is SHOT right now because I did not really expect to see a bum presenting at my ultrasound last Thursday.  Still, the location has shifted from what it was last week, (last week the head was toward my left side, now whetever's up top seems to be dead centre - if i were to guess I would say baby is head down but posterior, but like I said - no faith!) so there is still room in there for movement...

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I've had 2 adjustments so far to hopefully turn my breech baby! And yes, my bum is sore. I still only feel movement at the bottom of my belly, so I'm thinking the baby is still heads up.


My previous labor was short and easy, so I wasn't expecting a breech baby this time. The midwife is scheduling me for an ECV in the next week or so, and I'm hoping this little guy will flip if he's able to. They don't deliver breech babies vaginally in our community.



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just started seeing a chiro, and she does webster for pregnancies in general, not just for breech.  My babe is head down and I've had one adjustment done.  Nothing is sore and that was my first chiro visit ever, but maybe that's because my pelvis is already in pretty good alignment and the head is down.

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I have a separated symphasis and I've been looking for a chiro who does it. I know there must be one out there near me that also takes my insurance, lol! But yeah- my hips are wide enough to REALLy let him engage and I feel like my hips are rubber. I cant even rock from side to side :(


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mi_amor, I have gotten tons of encouragement from midwife, chiro and an OB friend to do moxibustion in addition to the Webster.  I'm not sure when it happened in relation to different treatments, but after 3 chiro treatments and 2 moxibustion treatments, baby was confirmed head down on Monday.  Just in case that might also be an option for you to look into...

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bluepetals, that's awesome your baby flipped! I started moxibustion too, and I hope it will work. I'm on Day 7 so far, but I was only doing 5-10 mins per toe. 2 days ago I started doing 20 mins/toe, so I'm hoping it will work soon. Were you doing any exercises as well, like the breech tilt? I'm due May 17th, so I'm hoping the moxibustion will work, it sure makes the baby move around!

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Does it hurt when you do it, mi_amor?  I got conflicting info on whether it was supposed to be ouchy ouchy (acupuncturist) or just feel warm (midwife).  I prefer the warm technique!  We were doing 20 minutes, both toes simultaneously.


I am fearful today that baby might have flipped back to breech :(  Hoping I'm wrong, I see the midwife tomorrow.  I last saw the chiro on Thursday and she said the adjustments are holding well now and she just needs to see me once per week for maintenance...if baby is flipped at the nmidwife appt tomorrow morning, I will be begging for a squeeze-in with the chiro in the afternoon, I think, and then moxibusting the night away! Sigh.


I never did teh breech tilt because I am never certain when baby is head up versus down (I find down is pretty obvious, which is why 'm nervous now, because I don't feel baby's position is obvious to me today :( ), so I did knee-chest instead, and lots of time on hands and knees doing cat-cow stretches.  I didn't want to do the full on 20 minute tilt for fear of babe being head down and flipping back to breech.

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I find it's just warm, and not too ouchy ouchy. If it feels too hot, I tell DH to pull back. The acupuncturist told me to tell her if it was getting "uncomfortably hot," so I wasn't sure how much of a trooper I was supposed to be.


I hope your baby will stay head down. My baby seems to be kind of a sideways breech, with its head under my right rib cage, and its feet are outstretched over the bottom of my belly. I still feel kicks down low. I thought it was perhaps stuck, because it doesn't flip around.


Tonight I was going to try swimming and doing some somersaults and handstands (if I can manage!) at a small pool. My midwife appt is on Weds, and we'll talk about the ECV then.


I hope your appt went well today!

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Good to know, thanks...so thus far all the votes but one are for not feeling like your toes are about to burn off :P


Baby was head down today. Phew!  I will send you lots of turning vibes...hopefully the pool will work!  I went one day after having Webster done but i chickened out of doing anything fancy, I just floated around.  It feels SO bizarre when you get out after an hour of floating and all the weight of your belly is back on you again!

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bluepetals - Yay! Your baby is heads down! Thank you for sending turning vibes too, I'm still waiting for my little man to flip. I'm going to the pool again tonight and will just float around and enjoy that weightless feeling. 






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My babe just turned breech posterior (though has always been posterior) now at 34 weeeks.  Midwife refered me to chiro I think they will do a pelvic adjustment and webster, not sure.  Hope itworks, if not Ill just keep doing inversions but midwife delivers breech anyway but Id rather have a head down babe not having any experience with breeches

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