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Is z-Pack safe to take during the first trimaster

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I'm in my week 9 and have come down with a nasty flu/cold for the past 4-5 days.  My symptoms are getting worse.  The nurse gave me rx for z-pack though she was very reluctant for me to take it. However, I've heard that is the infection gets worse I may have to take more than once course of antibiotics.  I'm very worried about taking the z-pack, afraid it might hurt my baby.  I'm 42 yr old and it is already a risky pregnancy.  Is there any one who had to take z-pack during her first trimaster? Anyone any suggestions?  I know z-pack is a class-B drug, but it comes at no comfort to me.  Appreciate sharing your opinions.

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Did they do any bloodwork or anything to confirm that you have a bacterial infection?  Colds and the flu are both viruses, so if it's one of those, the Z-pack won't do anything to help you.  I would personally increase my intake of Vitamin D3 and try to eliminate sugar from my diet to help my body recover on it's own. 

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Thank you.  It seems like it's turning into a bronchitus/sinus infection by the look of it.  I've always been prone to sinus infections.  My sore throat is getting much worse and the mucus is getting thicker and a little yellowish (sorry I know it's disgusting).  I've been told if it's infection it will be easier to treat it at its early stages, and that if I wait too long it may take more than one course of antibiotics to get rid of it. 

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I had the same thing; cold after cold, turning into sinus infection, then bronchitis.  I went to the doctor and she gave me a zpak which I just finished, and I have to say, it's really helped.  My mucus is now clear and I'm not hacking as much.  I didn't want to take the abx either since I've avoided them all this pregnancy, but I was missing work and unable to care for my toddler, so I decided to take the meds.  I'm also using a neti pot at the same time, and this has helped with the post-nasal drip.

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I've had to in my first and in my second trimesters. Still currently in my second, and i just got done taking it for my second time. I'm not sure why i keep getting sick, Ive even had the flu shot. My doc said it wont hurt the baby, its one of the very fewest antibiotics you can take while pregnant and not hurt it.

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