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Ah the things I may or may not miss in a month or so when I'm toting a wee babe instead of a big belly...


Perk: I should have no trouble getting a seat on the subway.

RANT: I'm almost never offered a seat... except when I really don't need it... usually when I'm going 1 stop, by someone who DOES need it while healthy young males just look on, or look away, or stare blankly at my belly.  I'm not sure when common courtesy went out the window... and I have no problem asking for a seat if I NEED one (I'm a pretty spry pregnant lady - more in shape at a pregnant 30 than many people are at a non-pregnant 25 - lol), but the "avert the eyes and pretend there's NOT a giant elephant of a person standing in front of me" thing... yeah, it's lame. I've even heard people further down the car having a hushed conversation about giving seats to pregnant ladies while I'm standing. Seriously?

RAVE: I know I can ask for a seat ANYtime I want one, and probably get it (but I have yet to feel the need to ask).


Peeve: Random comments/touches of the belly

RANT: ask before touching!!! also, telling someone they "got fat" isn't polite in any OTHER situation, why is it okay in this one?

RAVE: I have a strange appreciation for the people who are so happy for me... even though it IS odd that they seem more excited than I am... also people who tell me I look healthy and I'm glowing? yeah, they can hang with me. :-D


what have you ladies noticed that's nice or obnoxious about the way people treat you?