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Will I or Wont I? Labor Q.

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Just wanted to get your opinions.......because at 33 weeks prg I am starting to stress...lol dont we all at this point? :
With my first child I went 43 weeks and then was induced, once on the pit drip I progressed slowly and they ruptured my membraines and I still went slowly they took me off pit, labor would stop, they would put me on and I would start back up and then they would take me off pit and it would stop again....I really think dd was content to stay in me forever! LOL
With my second I sliped on ice 2 days before my EDD and went into labor, my water broke on it's own and the whole 9 yards.
But now I am worried.....I went into labor without being induced with my second, but only after I took a tumble on an icy sidewalk....
What do you guys think, do you think my body has finally figured it out this time? Not to many icy sidewalks in May in Kentucky!:LOL Not that I would want to fall again anyway. But just curious if anyone else has had simular situations. With both of my previous pregnancy's I only dilated to just barely 1 with no thinning of the cervix until actual labor. And my cervix stays VERY posterior until almost time for me to push. OH my I dont want to do the iduced thing again, that reeked, but I worry that my body may still not "get" it. I wont know if my body is doing anything prior to labor this time around because I have opted with my CNM to have no vaginal exames until I either am past due or in active labor...... What is you guys opinion?
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How about spending some time relaxing and thinking about the whole birth process - sort of write a positive & gentle birth script in your brain?
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I think that if you feel like you don't have faith in your body, i.e. you think your body won't get it.....you could inhibit it.

Most multiple time mamas bodies DO get it......no wonder labor is shorter and all for multiple time mamas. I bet your body will get it, but YOU also have to trust that it will.
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Even at 43 weeks, not all babies are ready. Remember, 43 weeks is the high end of a normal pregnancy. Variations of normal are acceptable as well. My midwife had a client who went 48 weeks - for her, that was just how long she needed.

I guarantee you the baby will come out.
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First of all find a supportive midwife. I was scared to death of pitocin, so at my first meeting with her I said, "My mom went to 42 weeks with each of her pregnancies. I have a feeling I may be the same, and I need to know how you deal with this." She told me my body would deliver when it ad the baby were ready. I ended up going 15 days "over" and delivering a healthy baby girl who only weighed 6 lbs 8 oz ( I am small and both Gr8fldad and I weighed 6 lbs at birth) had I been induced closed to the date, I don't think she would have been ready.

Eek, I thought your post said 13, not 33 weeks, so I hope you have already found a provider you trust! Anyway...

My labor sounds similar also. No cervical change until active labor. In fact, I was 29 hours into hard labor when I got beyond 2 cm. However, less than 20 minutes later I was holding the baby. I dialated all the way and pushed out a baby (I think the others there thought I was wrong when I said I had to push right after the midwife said I wasn't even 3 cm yet).

I did it without any help from induction drugs (or ice ) so I totally think you will be fine!
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"I worry that my body may still not "get" it."

Actually, nothing you've said is evidence that your body didn't get it before! 43 weeks, even 44, 45, 46 weeks, can be normal gestation time for some babies.
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It seems to me, that unless your body was *mostly* ready to go into labour anyway, even a bad fall wouldn't put you into labour.

I had a bad fall (onto concrete) when I was about 35 weeks pregnant. I rested for a few hours, because I was contracting alot, with contractions that felt stronger than normal BH. They stopped, though (thank goodness)

The jolt of falling was very possibly what set labour into motion for you. However, had it not been that, maybe it would have been spicy food the next day, or sex, or a long walk, or any number of other things that are attributed to getting labour going.

Have you considered not having your cervix checked prior to labour? How valuable to you was it to know that you'd dialated to 1 cm? How damaging was it to know you hadn't thinned out?

Failing all else, maybe make a visit to somewhere with a trampoline part of your kicking labour into gear plans?
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Isnt it better to go into labor w/o the bag of waters breaking? I always thought that in most cases this meant an easier birth.
of course, i think you should meditate on being able to "get It' or what ever your fears are.
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I agree that you need to relax. Birth is a very overwhelming experience - no matter how many times you've done it. Just know that you CAN do it.

"Your body know how to give birth and your baby knows how to be born"
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Thank you all, I suppose me worrying over it is not a very good idea, if I dont go into labor on my own 2 months of worrying wont change that.....
Good point about how my body probably was ready any way with my second and the fall was just a kick start like any other kick start would have been. Also I am very lucky that for the first time I have a VERY supportive care provider for this baby. My first 2 were done in a traditional hospital setting with the traditional "you have to follow this schedule" doctors. This time around I have a wonderful CNM that tells me at every doctors visit that I am strong and can handle anything that happens like a champ! She really is great. We talked about cervical exams prior to me going into labor and we both agreed that there was no reason for her to do them. Were my cervix is so VERY posterior it is always a pain for me to have them and I would just rather not, after all how helpful is it to know that your dilated to 1??? I remember with my first child at one point they were doing an examination and the nurse couldnt "find" my cervix, it took 4 nurses before they finally got the information they wanted (which was that I had not progressed! ). At that point I felt like saying "Hey, that janitor over there has pretty long fingers, what the heck, why not have him have a go at it to! )
So anyway, you guys have helped me find some flaws in my thinking process and I am grateful.
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