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Strep B; Not pregnant; Do I need antibiotics?

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I went to the Dr last Thursday due to some vaginal discomfort and burning, which actually started to clear up before my appt arrived in 2 days. I was sue for a well woman anyway so I went. My urine showed elevated white blood cells and microscopic blood in the urine. Dr said UTI. Prescribed Macrobid and said it goes just into the urine stream so minimal side effects.

Culture came back today (Monday) and it is Group B Strep. Told I need to switch to Amoxycillin (sp?). From my reading online, it seems that GBS is not a big issue for most adults. It can come and go. And is only an issue if you are pregnant or have a weakened immune system. I am not pregnant and I am generally healthy. No more vaginal burning or discomfort. No other signs of illness.


So do you think it is necessary to take the antibiotics. I can't tell from my online reading if it is no big deal or not since I am not pregnant. I am flying to by myself and 2 young children to Washington state (from FL) tomorrow so the nurse said just don't take them until I am there and flights are over in case it upsets my stomach (it has made me sick before but that was a much higher dose, this one might not be as bad). I also don't really want to be sick and such while on a 2wk vacation visiting family and hopping around from house to house.


Thoughts? If I am not sick, do I need the amoxy? And I have already had 4 days of Macrobid. Grr. All for nothing since they changed it after the culture.



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If it's in your urine, you've got a potentially huge problem. There are alternative treatments for it though, if you're interested. 


GBS is found in many women, doing no harm, living in the intestines. When that is the case, there is no issue with it. 

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I just read this. I was out of town when you wrote it and haven't been back on the forums since.


What is the huge problem if it is in my urine?


I tried treating it naturally based on my midwife's suggestion instead of taking the antibiotics from my Dr. I haven't been retested to see if it is still there.


What info do you have on the problems if strep B is in my urine? It was a urine culture that showed it.


Thanks for any info you can give! 

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It means that your GBS levels are high, if you were pregnant, you'd have a greater chance of passing it on to your baby. 


Since you're not pregnant though, I think it's like any other UTI. If it doesn't go away, it can get worse, and can spread to the kidneys. 


GBS is not just a malignant bacteria when it is found in your blood. So, you need to prevent it from turning into an infection. 


I was hoping someone else would chime in, because I don't claim to know everything about it. I would suggest getting tested again though. You may very well not have it anymore. 

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There should be NO bacteria in your urinary tract. 

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