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Okay, So we were planning on getting the Birth Pool in a Box. http://www.1cascade.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=4527 Loved how it's made specifically for Home Birth, with the handles, cup holder, seat...We going to split the cost with my midwife and give it to her afterward so she can rent it out to her other clients.


Well, we are kind of running out of money. And it would be nice to not have to 'splurge'. I was just wondering if getting this one (http://www.amazon.com/Swim-Center-Ocean-Reef-Pool/dp/B00005OARQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1301986782&sr=8-1) would be seriously downgrading or if there wouldn't be much of a noticeable difference.


It seems Big and Deep enough, I have heard good things about it. This will be my first homebirth and probably last baby. I want it to be really special and comfortable. But if I can save $170 bucks, I am ALL For that!


Note, I am 5'9 and over 250lbs.


The only 'Downs' I can think of are

1. No seat. Even though the floor is inflatable/cushiony I wanted a seat in case the baby's cord is short or to assist me in a squat position.

2. The BPIAB is more slender and smaller-oval as opposed to round. Therefore, It seems there would be less area for the water to be 'exposed' and chilled, and the pool itself would fit better/save room in the space we have. I am Due at the End of July so I am Not really worried about the temperature of the water. pinktongue.gif



So, WHat is y'all's Opinion? I have heard nothing but good about the Kiddie Pool. I guess I am just looking for reasurrance that if I go with it, it will be a good decision I won't regret.



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Oh. And Can anyone suggest a good (Disposable) Liner for the Kiddie Pool?


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My midwife lent us a La Bassine tub for my labor and I purchased a plastic dropcloth (4 mm thick I believe - thickest they had) and some duct tape. Worked like a charm and cost ~$10 for dropcloth and tape.

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Our tub had handles which I did use!  Never thought about needing a stool, but if you need one just buy a cheap plastic one. 

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If you're splitting the cost why will it be $170? Your midwife will easily make plenty back by renting it herself so maybe she is willing to pay a bit more? The group of midwives I use just started renting these (otherwise they have Aqua Doulas) and they charge $150 for the Pool in a Box (that includes a new liner).




We just set up our Pool in the Box (I'm 38 weeks now) and I am so excited about it! It was easy to set up and all the stuff came in one bag that was easy and lightweight to carry. We purchased a new hose to fill it with for $8 and a cheap drop cloth to cover it once it's filled and we're not using it yet to keep the heat in.

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Originally Posted by Liea View Post

If you're splitting the cost why will it be $170? Your midwife will easily make plenty back by renting it herself so maybe she is willing to pay a bit more?

Well We will be paying the entire $195 and then she is going to take off $100 from her fee.

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I used the fishy pool twice, but mine was slightly smaller. I think it was 60 inches across.  I am your height and found it comfortable.  I don't know how much the seat adds to it as I've never had it and don't know what I'm missing!  lol.gif  But the inflatable bottom has been more than enough to keep me comfortable on my knees or sitting down while laboring.  The first time I gave birth semi-sitting, and that was not as comfy or easy as being on hands and knees in the second waterbirth. I leaned on the wall of the pool and my DH was easily able to reach across to catch our son as he came out.  Honestly I think the fishy pool is awesome- it's perfectly serviceable for birth and I can't see spending so much on a different pool (maybe if money was no object and I was just curious to compare?)  I will be using the same one again for baby #4.

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I have had 8 waterbirths, 7 in a kiddie pool and one in my garden tub. My preference is the 60" one. I did not like the 75" hexagon one or the 120" we had w/ one birth. It seemed to big for me. I am 5'5" and have been from 225-274 at birth. I feel just fine in the kiddie pool and feel no need to switch to a fancier pool, even though we now have the money for whatever pool I desire. 

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This is the one we used for our homebirth - definitely used the handles! http://www.yourwaterbirth.com/la-bassine-birthing-eco-pools-la-bassine-®-birthing-pools-p-276.html

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 That's a huge difference in price. Are handles and a seat worth $170? I wouldn't think so. My mw recommends the kiddie pool. I don't have any personal experience though.


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Comprehensive birth pool comparison chart is linked here:




My 2 cents is that waterbirth pools were designed for that purpose, for a reason.  They are thicker, sturdier, deeper, and often less toxic than the kiddie pools.  The liners are designed to fit them correctly.  Some of them even have a cover to minimize heat loss when you're not in the tub. 


Is there anyone in your area who rents birth pools?  That could be another cost-effective option.

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the comparison chart was helpful thanks! I still don't think that the differences are worth more than a hundred  dollars though.


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I used the birth pool in a box last time and loved it!!  I tried a kiddie pool with the previous birth and just had to get out.  The water level didn't totally cover my belly so it didn't help much.  However it wasn't the kiddie pool you linked to that one looks deeper.


In my experience, with my labors being very quick and intense, I didnt need to use the stool or the handles but the main issue was just making sure the water covered my abdomen all the way.  If the kiddie pool you listed is deep enough, it shouldnt be a prob.


I leaned forward over the side of the birth pool and delivered in semi-squatting position on my knees.  Now that I think about it, I may have held on to the handles for a bit during each contraction until the midwife arrived, then she held my hands during each one.


I loved how easy the BPIAB set up and the liner was a perfect fit.  It made set up very quick since my labor was only 2 hours!


Again, just make sure whatever you get is deep enough.

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We bought the "doodle pool" off of amazon. It's 60x20'' and only $25. It doesn't have an inflatable bottom, but I just put our bathroom rugs underneath it, and it feels pretty cushy. As an added perk, you can color on the top and sides with the crayons that come with it. : )


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I used the kiddie pool with our DS. I would've used it with DD, but our labor was so fast, I didn't have time! I loved it, though, and thought it was coomfortable, and worked very well. I am only 5'7", and have a slimmer frame, so I donn't know if that would make a difference.

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If you are looking for a birthing pool let me know as I have an inflatable spa that I am selling. Seats 2 very comfortably with a lot of room to spare. 

It hasn't been used very much, maybe 1 season for a total of 6 times or so. It has 3 temperature settings and it has tons of tiny holes if you wanted to turn on bubbles to relax. I got it at Big lots for $450 I believe. I could sell it to you for $150, but I live in Dallas so I don't know how much shipping would be. Email me at salliebrigance@yahoo.com if you are interested of if you want to see pictures. Good Luck! Thanks, Sallie

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