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Moving accountability

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Anyone else in for a moving accountability thread?  My life has changed radically in the last few months, and I will be moving this summer it looks like. Need someone to keep me accountable. 


I am going from being a foster parent for close to 4 years and having at most 9 people living in the house (7 kids plus my exhusband and I) along with all the stuff that goes along with that many people, as well as having a daycare (and corresponding facility filled with stuff of course) that I closed in December, to just my 6yo daughter and I, and moving in with my partner and his 11yo daughter to a probably 2 bedroom place in the city.


Soooo much to get rid of!  And add along with it that I've been battling severe depression and anxiety issues that led to me being hospitalized a few weeks ago.  I feel like the depression has lifted mostly now that the difficult decisions I needed to make were made, but I still am getting exhausted very easily, and the anxiety is crippling at times. 


I'm planning on having a huge yard sale in a month or so when the weather is warm enough, but would like to get rid of some bigger items in the meantime if I can.  I started posting on craigslist again some of the daycare items today.  TRYING to get my ex to take the furniture and things he wants out of here (this house will revert back to him when I move out, but he is planning on putting it on the market then). The two bedrooms my foster kids were in are cleaned out and I am using as staging areas. One for boxes packed to move and the other for things to get rid of. So far that has been in the basement, and as I move it upstairs I want to sort it and possibly even price it for selling. 


Current count-

Boxes packed- 3

Craigslist postings- 5

Get rid of Boxes ready for sale- 0

Get rid of Boxes not yet ready for sale- countless!


Plus 9 boxes my former kids caseworker will be picking up this afternoon










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I'll join, as we'll be moving at some point, although now I'm not sure when. We planned to move the first of July, to accommodate DSD, but now she'll be moving back to her mom's. I have a baby due mid August, as well, so I'm not sure exactly when we'll move. We know we will have to move, but maybe not as soon as we thought. Still, I want to get the things done that I can so that when the time comes I'll be prepared. That, and I know it will be much more difficult trying to pack with a newborn and active toddler.


I likely won't start, though, for a week or two. DSD is flying out this coming Sunday and I want this week to be all about her. Then I'll likely need a week to come down off the emotional rollercoaster. But I hope to join you. :-)


It sounds like you've had quite a bit going on yourself. hug2.gif

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My most productive day in a long time!


A total of 19 craigslist postings up, 2 already deleted as sold.  I sold $335 in stuff tonight with someone coming to get another $220 in stuff tomorrow and someone else coming to look things over.


Didn't get anything more packed, but caseworker came and picked up all but 2 boxes from the stuff I had ready to go.  A friend came over and took apart one set of bunkbeds, moved another, and took down a shelf for me.  Moved some of the clothes I won't use to the room to sell, and started emptying the storage room of my stuff, as I'm going to stash my ex's stuff in there so I can stop worrying about nagging him to get it. 


Tomorrow's goals:

Dr appt

Social time with a friend (after my mental health issues this is a good step for me to get out)

Meet with people who are buying stuff

Finish emptying storage room.

6 craigslist postings

Work on DD's room which is trashed after moving things around tonight with the beds.


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Maybe I can get someone else to jump in here. Posting my goals seems to make me feel more accountable though. Last week I got DD's room clean and got rid of enough toys and books to completely empty one piece of furniture. Her room is completely clear of my former foster kids' belongings now. I sold stuff on craigslist, I think close to 20 postings total. I applied for 8 jobs in the city we are moving to. I had one interview already, have another Tuesday, and one other that emailed back to talk more as well. Went through the downstairs pantry and pulled out anything she and I won't eat. It is in my van for the food pantry. Cleaned out cabinet above the stove, threw away all expired food, etc. Moved some tubs into the get rid of or ready to move staging rooms. Goals for tomorrow: Clear out my room of all things belonging to former foster kids. Get rid of irrelevant books now that I'm not fostering. Clear out closet in DD's room completely. (Mostly empty already) Clean living room (currently everything from the kid's rooms that didn't go with them is dumped on the loveseat) Vacuum entire upstairs File my monthly paperwork Call repair shop to see if the tire for my van is finally in (selling it as soon as it is good to go) Clean out van and put it all away
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