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anxiety anyone?

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Anybody else suffers anxiety that comes and goes?   I had crazy anxiety post partum with my second - went on zoloft for a few months and was able to get off quite well.  I also have thyroid issues which make everything worse.  


Health issues trigger it for me.  Recently I got some lab work - everything excellent except my cholesterol was low - I have convinced myself I am dying of cancer somehow.  I know this is not rational or true but all I can think about is how if I die I will leave my babies without a mother.  


Mind you that I have lost 40 lbs due to diet and exercise and I have probably cut too many fats out of my diet.  Anyway doctor was not concerned but I went spinning downhill with the fear.  


I am mostly back to normal but after I deal with obsessive thoughts and anxiety I almost stay like that for days/weeks even after I calm down.  it feels like I cannot fully breathe.  I have to push myself to keep on going with life and just push it aside.  At least now after the PPD I can identify that no I am not dying of xyorz it is just the anxiety that feels that way.   


Am I the only one?  I am thinking maybe I need to see the doctor and get xanax or something of the sort to cut this cycle of anxiety before it escalates.  Is this helpful? 

Thanks mamas! 



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I also was suffering from bad anxiety.  Mine would be managable or non-existant for a week or two a month, and then unbearable for a week or two sometime around my period.  I tried every supplement under the sun and dropped a couple thousand dollars on those.  I ended up on cipralex with a perscription for ativan if needed.  I've been taking the cipralex for 4ish weeks now and I feel 97% back to normal.  I haven't taken the ativan because at first I was too afraid to use it, but now I just don't need it.  I always carry it around in my purse though, and I think that's a comfort in case I have any breakthrough anxiety (which has only been very very very mild and always within a few days of my period). 


I hope you can figure out something that works.  Anxiety SUCKS!

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thanks so much - I am trying not to go back to meds just yet because I have done so well for a couple years without them but if it continues I will not hesitate. Anxiety is just pure hell and so debilitating.  I don't think people that dont have it even understand what it feels like.


I might just go see my doctor and try the ativan to see if it helps me to get back to normal in a dose or two.  

Thank you so much!  It feels good to know we are not alone in this! 



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Have you ever looked into The Mood Cure?  A few mamas here swear by it!  I tried it but I think my anxiety was just too far gone.  

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I have benefited greatly from seeing a psychotherapist.

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I almost feel like I am back to when I had postpartum.  Today I went to my regular doctor to check on these lab results and he assured me that I was totally fine.  However all I felt like was crying and that there is something really wrong with me.  Ever since I got that low cholesterol test thing I have been obsessing, sad, not tending to my family, fearful, crying...   I think it is time to go see someone for sure.  I dont want to spiral down like I did in postpartum hell.  I dont want to take meds but if I have to I will. 


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Yes, I have anxiety that comes and goes.  I'm on meds though and I still get break through anxiety.  Most if it is likely situational though...as I am in the last few weeks of my masters degree, my anxiety has gone through the roof.  Also, I got my period full force today so I am likely having some hormonal fluctuations.  I think I'll finally check out the mood cure when I'm done with my degree....

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Unfortunately I belong here as well. Health issues, both for myself and family (pets included) are my triggers. In recent years my focus has been on my animals and myself (thankfully in a strange way I think this is better than obsessing about my family's health as both of my parents have had some pretty big scares lately.) and at times the fear is almost paralyzing. I try as hard as I can to keep everything inside until my kids and husband are all in bed for the night as my daughter is starting to behave more like me with her anxiety but I sometimes fail. Death, more directly losing someone, is my biggest fear.

I wish I was strong enough to ask for help greensad.gif
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Originally Posted by TCMoulton View Post

I wish I was strong enough to ask for help greensad.gif

You are strong!  I refused help for sooooooooooo long before finally getting help.  The change has been amazing for me.  My house is clean for the first time in YEARS, I have build a whole bunch of strawberry beds which I've wanted to do for years.   I'm no longer yelling at my kids all the time.  My marriage is the best it's been.  I am the happiest I think i've actually ever been.


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I just made an appt with a counselor for tomorrow and with my obgyn to get some rx for zoloft.  If I can't beat this I need to go back to drugs - otherwise I am going to be a mess and not able to be functional.  I hate hate to go back to zoloft (was on it for postpartum) but I know how much it helped me and I refuse to live like this when I can be helped by that.  

Don't feel bad about asking for help!  Anxiety is miserable! 


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