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A question for mamas of older babies (7mo+)

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How many times per day does your LO poo?


I ask about older babies because I want to know about those who have been eating solids for a little while already.


DS is 10 months and we've been doing BLW for 4 months now. He eats nearly everything we eat, and drinks plenty of water and still nurses quite a lot as well.


He poops 4-5 times / day usually. I think that's in the range of normal, but man oh man it seems pretty frequent when you're the one changing those dipes! The poos are not very much in volume usually (well maybe one per day is), just frequent.


I am not worried but just curious what other babes are up to in the poo frequency department.


Don'tcha just love talking baby poo?! inthet.gif



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That sounds pretty normal. Cecilia flutuates, depending on how much, if any, solids she actually ate, and how much of what she ate was fruit. But generally she goes 3 or so times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.


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Yeah, we're right around there, too (at 8 months, with some solids--enough to make the diaper smell like moldy popcorn--but not a ton). Ellison never slowed down, after the initial newborn period.

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Norah (10 months) has been a twice a day pooper since she really started ingesting solids (we are doing BLW, too.) But just in the past week or so its been more like 4-5 times a day. I'm curious about the change and kind-of wish she would go back to her old pattern which was totally predictable. I am wondering if it is because she has stepped up her solid intake. 

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LO is 8 months, one "meal" of solids per day, BLW style, and he poops once a day.  But he was one of the EBF babes that went four+ days in between BM's.

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My 8.5 mo. old probably poops 4-6 times a day.

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macy is 9 months and poops 1-4 times per day. usually twice. depends on foods, esp blueberries or beets! she eats three meals a day. 



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DS is 8 months and usually poops 1 per day, usually first thing in the morning.  We do BLW and DS eats a "meal" twice per day now (sometimes he eats lots, other times not much)  We do EC as well, so I don't know if that makes a difference (but do appreciate that those poops are in the potty!!).  Sometimes he poops twice per day, but usually once. Even when he was EBF he only went twice per day since about 4 months old.


jesepumpkin, beets?!  I'm impressed by your bravery.  I've been too nervous about the mess and stains to give them to DS yet!!  Oh, and your DD is adorable!

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DS usually poops once every 1-2 days. Prior to solids (4 months now) he'd poop several times a day.

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