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Thanks for the response. I ordered the Manuka honey, so I hope that works. The company I ordered from also has an anti-MRSA kit. I hope I don't have to go that far. I appreciate the experiences shared here. I am relieved to know it's not just me, but sad to read others' struggles. Hang in there, moms!
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I've tried the Allimed and MRSA30day and bio-botanical research products have worked the best for my ordeal with MRSA
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Hi Carly, Just came across your discussion here.  I know it was last year, but are you all doing better?  I was interested in your discussion for a few reasons.  I battled mrsa for 9 months in 2009...it was so terrible, as you know, and one of my daughters also got it at the time.  I began seeing a naturopath to rebuild my health (well, started with him because all the efforts of the doctors could not get mrsa to go away and stay away).  I started on allimed and continued it for a long time. I found an online book titled, I think, Mrsa Secrets Revealed, which I found helpful. I found a woman who sold allimed for a relatively reasonable price, and gave me very good advice on using it.  Her story is almost identical to yours...armpit mrsa and her young children infected...and they overcame it totally.  Also, I am in northern Illinois (northwest), and noticed you are in northern Illinois also.  I hope your mrsa nightmare is gone forever.  Mine has not returned, thank God!  Here are the links for Carrie's sites, where you can read about her story and others and what helped and did not help... http://mrsasupportgroup.org/index.html, and where you can get her phone number to talk to her, and order if you wish... http://mrsaconsultant.mrsasupportgroup.org/.  Hope that helps!

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