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TTC #1 After Yaz

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A little about me. I'm 22. I met DH over 6 years ago, and we started dating about a year after we met. We've only been married for a little over a year, but together for 5. I'm an Air Force Wife. And for the past 6 or 7 years I've been on Yaz birth control, originally for cysts. Recently hubby and I talked seriously about conceiving and we finally both agreed it was time. 


Now I've done a little research and found out that it could be up to a year before my body gets back to working on its own. We're both aware of that, but we hope it doesn't take that long. I think next time I'll be joining the Charting to Avoid section, because I've always been very anti medicine, and only took the yaz after a long talk with my mom and dr. I really hadn't realized it had been so long.


But anyways, I was just wondering if any of yall used yaz or had any information on it and getting pregnant after using it. And any tips for conceiving in general, sine I'll be the first one in my family to have a planned child in generations, they don't really have any tips for me.


TIA for any info or advice, and Hi!


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Hi Ray. I'm TTC my third child but I also took Yaz recently, though not as long as you. I took it on and off for a year for mood stuff associated with my cycle. I haven't done a lot of research as far as TTC after Yaz specifically, though if my cycle this month become anovulatory I'm going to be worried. :( As far as general TTC tips what I would recommend is getting yourself a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I know you mentioned charting to avoid but I couldn't really tell from your post whether you had read that book or not. It's THE place to start when you're trying to plan to get pregnant and teaches you all about your cycle and charting. You can try the whole time of course but charting for a couple of cycles will tell you whether or not the Yaz is still affecting you.


Good luck to you.

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Thank you for your response. I was actually wonder if I was ever going to get a response, but hey, that happens with forums. I'm about 4 days from starting my first non yaz cycle and we'll see what the temping tells me. I'm a little over loaded with how to do it and such but I've been practicing this cycle, while still on the yaz, just to try to get into the habit.


No I've not read that book, hubby really doesn't want to spend any money on TTC until we try for a while an have issues. I kinda agree, though I'll probably end up with that book eventually when I tell him I don't want to take anymore BC meds.


Good luck to you too,and again, thanks. ^.^

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I took Yaz for a year. It was a lower dose of estrogen than my Seasonique, so I switched because all other BCs gave me super bad headaches 3-4 times a week.


I don't know if it's BC related or not, but it took me 16 months to get pregnant after stopping the medicine. My cycles were "almost" regular pretty quickly after stopping the pill though, so I don't know.


My mom had the same issue after stopping BC 23 years ago. It took her two years to conceive after stopping and she wasn't on Yaz, so maybe it's related... Maybe it's not.


Everyone is different. I hope and pray for you that it happens very quickly whenever you decide to let it happen!

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I got TCOYF from the library. Yay for free! :-P

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Both times my mom got pregnant she was on birth control pills. With me she remembers that she'd taken antibiotics and the doc didnt know or didnt tell her that they dont work well together, but she donsen't remember with my older brother only that she was very regular with the pills and time she too them.


I've checked the public library, all they have is WAY dated...like rabbit test dated.


I'm a little worried because my pills always affected me different than other people I've talked to. Most people say that if they don't take a pill at the same time every day they started their period or had a least breakthrough spotting. With me, I go off the hormone pills ans start taking the sugar "period" pills one wed, but I NEVER start my period before sat and usually not till sun night or Monday morning. So I'm worried that my body stores up more of the hormones than normal... But I'm not sure. I never talked with the doc about it because it scared me, I know, wrong decision...


I am going to the doc for a pelvic exam and consultation after this period. So I'll ask then.


Also I still have to heck the base library, so we'll see. about that book. *crosses fingers*

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The only time I ever got pregnant was the month after I ended BC pills. I've been trying for 19 months now to get pregnant again... I'm thinking about going back on BC pills to get preggers again irked.gif  You just never know!  I'd say, get a hold of that book -- Taking Charge of Your Fertility any way you can (library, used copy off of amazon, etc.), it's SO worth the money.


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