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Increased nuchal translucency anyone?

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I just had my us and my baby's NT measured over 4. I saw it and the tech didn't say anything but it looked huge to me. When I asked her if that was the NT she kinda ignored my question and then measured it a bunch of times. This will be my third baby and I've had this test done twice before and I know how meaningless the results can be but >4 NT is high! I'm trying not to get all freaked out but has anyone out there had a NT this high and have any info to share about their experience?
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did the perinatologist come in to go over it with you then and there??


any chance you saw it incorrectly? any chance your dates are a little off??

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My daughter had a 6mm measurement and turned out to be OK.  I was told to consider terminating the pregnancy without any further testing.  I didn't-- and she is a beautiful 3 yr old today.  If you are concerned get a CVS or amnio done, that will give near 100% accurate information.

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Thanks for the responses. I was not positive about my due date and we discussed it - basically the us can give you a pretty accurate date because fetal growth is so predictable in early pregnancy. And I wish I was reading it wrong but like I said she measured it a bunch of times - a NT that big is very visibly big - I saw it immediately. I am going to call back to see if I can speak with someone about the results but I am pretty sure that they will want to wait until the lab results. I do have an appt with my midwives tomorrow and they will have the us results to discuss with me.

It's very reassuring to hear what your NT was frugalmum - I really appreciate you sharing that. It must have been such a frightening time for you. I guess I will have an amnio. I had one during my first pg and it was very reassuring. Unfortunately my insurance stinks and I am paying out of pocket for these tests (yesterday is going to cost me close to $600 - can't imagine how much an amnio will cost & I don't have the money...but we'll figure it out)

I'm pretty worried right now, quite upset actually and I really appreciate your responses. Thank you
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Do you qualify for pcap (medicaid for pregnant women-- they have more generous income allowances for qualification)?  That is terrible about the tests not being covered.


4mm is middle range as far as abnormality-- and remember, many babies with serious problems "pass" their nuchal screenings.  Try to keep strong!

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Thank you again frugalmum - my insurance basically has a high deductible which will "reset" soon - so basically these tests will not apply to my homebirth so I'll be paying much more out of pocket for this pregnancy than I planned. I'm pretty sure that dh "makes too much money" for me to qualify. But I definitely appreciate the suggestion and the kind words. I'm feeling a bit more settled into this situation this evening. It's so nice to have a forum to turn to - such as we have on 'mothering'
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You should really look into your state's plan, in Ohio, it's 200% of the poverty level, which for my family  (soon to be 4) is $3675/m which DH and I both work and don't make this much. If you have other insurance, then (at least in my state) state insurance will cover what your insurance doesn't. So even if you have insurance, you can have state too. Like my DH gets insurance through work, but it doesn't cover pregnancy.


Good luck!

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