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How to clean tile grout in bathroom?

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Hi all our bathroom is the lovely 1970's tile type and we have mildew issues with our grout in the shower. I am struggling with finding a way to effectively clean it, I want to avoid bleach, and I have heard that vinegar can actually sort of eat away at grout (has anyone else heard this). Vinegar and baking soda are my usual go tos any thoughts suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

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the best way to deal with mildew is to prevent it from happening. Keep the room well ventilated. If this is in the shower, keep the curtain open so it dries
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Hydrogen Peroxide!!!  Fill a spray bottle with 1/2 peroxide and 1/2 water.  Spray it on, let it sit an hour, rinse off.  Voila!!!!  Also, you can add a few drops of TTO if you're feeling up to it.  Also works to keep mildew away - just spray it on each day after everyone showers.

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This is totally not eco-friendly-- but it works great. I have 1700 sq feet of tile with white grout (not a smart choice). After trying many things, I discovered that sprinkling a very light amt of Cascade dishwashing powder on the grout and scrubbing with a stiff brush gets it off very easily and really brightens it. 


For showers I agree that using hydrogen peroxide would get a great way to prevent the mildew.

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Is the mildew in the grout or the caulk? If it's the edges around the shower and looks flexible/silicone-y, it's probably the caulk. I don't think there's any way to clean that other than re-caulking since the mildew is underneath it.Supposedly re-caulking is an easy DIY project. I spray a bleach/water mix on mine which improves it but it still looks awful. I agree w/ the PP that the best solution is prevention (plenty of ventilation, drying off shower after each use, etc, but of course that's hindsight (and a pain, lol. )


ETA if it's the grout I just scrub mine w/ a brush. Vinegar is definitely caustic on grout, but you can apply a sealer yearly, and that really is an easy job.

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So glad I saw this. I am having a similar problem with my shower. I can get it out of the grout but not down where the caulk is. I am hoping it is something I can attempt myself because it is really grossing me out. We have always had problems with this shower. We are careful to leave the door open after showers and, weather permitting, leave the window open. I know my mom had used vingar in there though so I will be sure not to let her do that anymore.
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