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I'm envious that my DP can get tattooed, that he is living in his own body rather than with an achey, grumpy pregnant host body and that he can grab a drink after work. 

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This thread makes me want to flip it around, which certainly does put it into perspective...


things mom gets to do that dad doesn't:


teach Corbin to play World of Warcraft


This goes on my list of things I don't want to do, but end up having to do because my husband won't do it.  We've basically gotten to the point where if we help her, and she just gets angry and frustrated with the game, and we make her log off.  It's just not worth it.

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When Corbin gets frustrated he just rolls a new toon! lol.gif

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Yeah I agree with pretty much that whole list.

My husband gets to play video games and read without interruptions. 
My husband can go out and get a haircut any time he wants.

He can sleep through the night, when he chooses to. The rest of the time, he can stay up until 2am, get up at 5am and know he can get a nap after work.
He can go out with his buddies without needing childcare.
Shopping, for him, doesn't require distracting little hands from shiny breakable things or trying to get the little one to stop screaming when you do so.
He can clean without a trail of tornadoes undoing everything he just did.
He can workout without waiting for nap time.
He can sit at the computer without a 6 month old trying to type for him.
Meal time means eating a warm meal... not preparing a warm meal, feeding the kids, and then eating a cold meal.

He can eat whatever he wants without worrying about it upsetting the baby's tummy.

Movies are not a fond memory to him but something he just hung out with some friends to watch just the other night.

He can go swimming without the anxiety of the kids getting too close to the deep end. (even though they can swim, I still get anxious)

When the kids are having troubles at school, he only has to hear about it, he doesn't have to deal with it.
He can shower pretty much whenever he wants. Sometimes, he gets TWO showers in one day. Seriously? Jealous.

But... My husband is a Marine who is currently deployed. As tough as it is in my shoes, I wouldn't trade with him for anything because he's missing half of the first year of our daughters life.

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