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Underarm BO in 6 yr old

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My DD just turned 6 and she's had underarm BO for the past few months (so started when she was 5).  We notice it in the evening especially if she has been physically active during the day.  She is now showering every evening.  Should I be concerned?  It seems so young to have BO.  I'm wondering if there are foods I should be taking out of her diet.  She drinks a little local pasteurized milk from our local farm (cows are grass fed and fed their own grown corn).  She eats only organic yogurt.  I am going to cut out on the American white cheese and move to only raw cheddar which she likes.  Any other ideas on managing the BO?  I'm concerned about her developing to early now.  Thanks for any advice.

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My dd started having BO at 6, and is now 9 and still has no other signs of puberty at all.  We just started having her be very careful to bathe daily and wear deodorant when she started stinking.  And we have almost entirely organic food, and local raw milk from grass-fed cows, and local grass-fed natural beef, and free range chicken and eggs even.  I can't imagine it's diet in our case.  I just have a very active and stinky girl.  LOL.

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My son developed underarm BO last year (age 7/8) and really stinky feet at age 6/7 w/ no other signs of puberty. Both are exacerbated but heavy physical activity.


For the BO we make sure he bathes at least every other day and always afters sports, and use a natural deodorant.  He wears a 100% cotton tee under his hockey and lacrosse jerseys since the all poly fabric makes him sweat even more.


For his feet he owns 3 pairs of sneakers that he rotates so they can thoroughly dry between wearings. Scrubbing his feet really well is imperative other wise the stink turn to rot. grossedout.gif


We eat a whole food, natural diet with the majority of our veggies being organic.  But he's a kid so he is routinely exposed to junk at parties, friends houses, etc so his particular diet is not as clean as I would like. I am sure that impacts it some.

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yup normal. a little on the low side of the normal scale but still normal.


dd started signs of pre-puberty at 5 1/2. huge mood changes. a horrible, horrible time for her.


it is normal for kids to go through this stage around 5 to 7 years old when they struggle to handle their emotions. 7 - 8 is when their consciousness develops. 


i know a few kids whose BO started at around 6 just like dd. 


dd started breast buds at 8 and her dr still calls it normal and not precocious puberty. 


however it makes sense to me since i started my menarche at 11. in my family we are all on the younger side. same with my mom. she even started menopause young and so did i. 


i feel we are not v. well informed about puberty. we think of obvious signs as puberty. but puberty starts much younger. around 6 -7 with mood swings and BO. the grown children of my RL friends tell me - those who remember - that 5/6 emotional stuff was much harder and more painful than the teens. 

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My son started developing BO last summer, when he was 7. I had to get him deodorant, because he already showers (almost) every day, especially when he's been active. We lived in a very hot, humid climate up until last year so that made it worse. Now he still manages to work up a sweat almost daily with his "spazzing" (which is prolonged running back and forth while fluttering his hands over a piece of ribbon, sometimes for an hour or more - an Aspie thing he does) but it doesn't really make him stinky, not like he was in Texas. He hasn't really had BO during the winter or even on the warmer days this spring (warm compared to the winter - for me 65 isn't really warm, even if most Colorado-folks view that as shorts-weather).

I was a little surprised that he developed BO at such a young age, but what can you do except go with it? He doesn't really have any other pre-puberty signs.
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