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I had two ultrasounds with my last one and I'll probably end up with two this time, too, since I already had one for dating.  My cycles were all messed up from BFing so I didn't know my due date for sure.  They tried to just go by my LMP but I had a feeling that wasn't right.  I ended up being two weeks earlier than I thought so I'm glad I got it because I don't want to be pressured for an induction two weeks early.  


OP, I'm not sure what I would do in your situation.  Six ultrasounds seems like a lot but it really depends on WHY you got them.  I don't know if I missed it but I don't think you mentioned your reasons. Maybe in your case, it was worth it to get all of them.  


I have family members who had autism and have done quite a bit of research into it.  I really don't believe that ultrasounds cause autism, but I guess I can't guarantee anything for you so you do what makes you comfortable.  I can tell you that as a teacher, I see many kids who are diagnosed on the spectrum, who as early as 15 years ago, would not have been diagnosed with Autism.  I know it might not explain the entire dramatic increase but I really think it explains a lot of it.  I have two cousins who were never diagnosed with anything but were always regarded as "different" from the other kids.  One of them has since been diagnosed with Autism as an adult and the other one just continues to live his life and has quite a bit of social difficulty.  

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So far we are planning for just one at 18 weeks to discover the gender.

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I didn't have any ultrasounds with DS, who has autism, btw.  I think it's a pretty big stretch to attribute a rise in autism to ultrasounds.  But it seems to me that people are really grasping at straws to find a cause for autism so they can stamp it out.  I think our time and effort would be better spent finding better ways to help autistic people function more easily in this world, and educating people about what it's like to have autism so that autistic people are accepted and accommodated more in our society and they are treated as people (often highly gifted people) whose brains just happen to work differently from ours.  Anyway, back to ultrasounds... 


When I was a surrogate I had a ton, because that's pretty much how things go with assisted reproduction.  Wasn't my call, I was just along for the ride. :)


I wasn't planning on ultrasounds with this one, either (or maybe just the 20-week scan, at most), but unfortunately I ended up in the ER at 5.5 weeks with excruciating lower abdominal pain and, of course, I had an ultrasound.  Turns out I have a giant cyst on my right ovary.  I had a second ultrasound at 8.5 weeks, as the cyst seemed to be getting bigger (it was).  


I'm going to get the 12 and 20 week scans.  That's what the perinatologist I saw at 8.5 weeks recommended.  I'm relieved she didn't recommend more.  At this point, keeping an eye on the cyst is a much bigger priority to me than avoiding ultrasound exposure.  I'm doing acupuncture now, so I'm hoping that my 12 week scan (I'm 10 weeks) shows some shrinkage.  If it keeps getting bigger it has an increased risk of twisting, which probably means emergency surgery. :(


Honestly, I would avoid them if I could, but I'm really not too worried about adverse effects.  I don't think that the 95+% of babies being born in this country (and many parts of the world) are being irreparably harmed by ultrasound exposure.

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I'm almost 11.5 weeks and I've had 3 official U/S.  One at 5.5 weeks (twins were diagnosed) and a second at 7.5 weeks for the early dating scan.  My OB also checked during my first prenatal visit and said that she will likely use an U/S to check for the FHR each time I go.  If it's between an U/S under less than 5 minutes vs. 10 or more minutes of a doppler rooting around for 2 heartbeats, I think the U/S is less invasive and less disruptive to my womb IMHO.


I've had losses and I work as an L&D nurse so when I'm feeling anxious, I've had some colleagues quickly check to make sure everything's okay.  I envision my anxiety will subside dramatically once I have my 12 week Nuchal Translucency test.  I wish I didn't have so many U/S, but there is no clear cut evidence stating it's harmful so I will likely get plenty of them being that I'm pregnant with twins.


I do think there is a value to having at least one U/S around 20 weeks.  If there are significant problems with your baby - wouldn't you want to be close to a hospital/NICU that could potentially provide lifesaving care?  To grow a baby (or two) for nine months and live with the uncertainty that a major anomaly couldnt be diagnosed and treated promptly only because I didn't get an U/S is more responsibility than I'd like to bear.  Granted, there are several "insignificant" false positives that could lead to other interventions, but if my baby had a major heart defect or gastroschisis, I'd certainly want to know.

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