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I was told that my hospital required an epidural to be placed for twins. In the end, it turned out that I could have refused it, but went along with my doctor's advice.


On 36 week deliveries of twins, for mono-di twins (one placenta, two sacks), I struggled, but the study I read convinced me that delivery by 37 weeks was safer. (My doctor firmly wanted them out by 36).


My delivery was at 36-2. This was a first birth, mono-di twins, both heads down, induced by acupuncture and prostaglandins. At 10cm, they moved me to the OR and placed the epidural (no meds), and the twins were born shortly thereafter.


I found that many of the firm rules could be bent through a lot of talking. And that having a supportive husband and a brilliant doula was key. And a good staff of doctors, for all that my initial inclination was for a much less medical birth.


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