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Doula student in Nassau, NY

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Hello ladies,


I'm due at the beginning of July and I'm interested in finding a student doula for my second birth.


With my first child I didn't have one BUT I had an AMAZING nurse that did an exceptional job in calming/talking me through each contraction.  Unfortunately, that was at LIJ and they don't take any midwives there and that's the route that i'm going this time.


So, I thought I'd ask if anyone knew of any doulas in the nassau area.  A student will be good.  $$ is tight right now.  Hopefully someone can refer me to a good one.



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If you're still looking for a doula:


I'm not a student but rather a very experienced doula and Labor and Delivery nurse (funny, I actually just resigned from LIJ's L&D today to switch to a hospital closer to home).  But I have an opening in July and am willing to work on a sliding scale and/or offer a payment plan.


I live in Suffolk, but serve Nassau as well.


Email me at HeartToHandsNY@hotmail.com if you're interested in discussing this.  I'm also on facebook.  :)


Best wishes,


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