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vegas with 3 small children

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dh is travelling there on business and i have family there so we are going for maybe 3-4 days.


any specific places that we NEED to see/take the kids?



looking for any family friendly recs....

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I wouldn't say *need* but there are things to do to keep them occupied.


First question, will you have a vehicle to get around off the strip? That'll increase activities for the kids greatly.


Off the Strip:

Bonnie Springs

Ethel M's

Lied Discovery Children Museum (on LV Blvd, north of the "strip")

Red Rock Canyon

Springs Preserve

Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary

Natural History Museum

The mermaid and tanks at Silverton Hotel & Casino


Town Square has a playground and the splash pad is on(bring swimsuits). It's on Las Vegas Blvd south of Mandalay Bay.


On the strip:

MGM - Lion exhibit & The Rainforest Cafe

Mandalay Bay - Shark Reef ($$$ - and our family didn't enjoy it for the price),

Mirage - The Gardens and Tiger Habitats, Volcano

Circus-Circus - rides and games

NYNY, Stratosphere & the Sahara - rides (older kids, though)

Bellagio - fountains, flower gardens & butterfly house 

TI - Sirens (if pirates don't scare them)

Caesar's Palace - There's a show in the Forum Shops (it's hard to find, but it's down near the Cheesecake Factory for a reference; again, if animitronics don't scare them)



Just to name a few....
a google search of "Vegas for Kids" will turn up other suggestions. I'm sure others will chime in with suggestions, too.
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Thank you SO much!! We will have a car as well.

This I exactly what I was looking for, I'll google it as well.

Thanks again.
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so yesterday,  we went to the shark reef, saw the siren show at treasure island and went to town square. 


the siren show is hilarious. the kids really enjoyed the shark reef. my niece got us discounted tickets otherwise i could see not being impressed for the money. it was more expensive than the ones in san diego and san francisco and those ones are bigger. but again, my kids LOVED IT. especially with the glass floors. my 16 mo old thought that was amazing.


and omg, the whole foods at town square was one of the best whole foods i have ever been to- and ive been to almost every whole foods west of the mississippi. ;P






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