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Neri Adel, my HBAC baby!

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Quick stats

daughter Neri Adel, born 4:30ish Tuesday morning, April 5, 8lbs 4oz 20in, full head of dark hair, huge gender surprise. I was guessing and so sure she'd be a 9lb+ boy like DS. I was 39+1. Born after 5 hours of hardly noticeable labor and 2 hours of intense labor. Neri is said like NEH-ree. Neri means Burning Light and Adel means God is eternal.


Background - DS's labor ttwo years ago ended in c/s that started with water breaking, good labor for 13hours leading up to long and painful transition and I never got urge to push but pushed on my own for 2 hours, transferred from birth center to hosp for epi, went c/s route instead. He probably would have come down but my body was never there with the pushing, not sure if his size or position or both or what.


Monday, 39w - Had intestinal discomfort all day, felt crappy, crampy, loose BMs for days, must have been body getting ready. Light, hardly uncomfortable pressure waves in lower uterus from 9p Monday - 2:30a Tuesday. Slept through most of them as I had gone to bed early.  Didn't even bother timing. Water broke 2:30a, quickly intensified (no idea where transition was) within a half hour, called doula, didn't even call mw yet then. When I wasn't answering DH through a ctx (his test to assess) and making a lot of noise, he called and she decided to come after hearing me through 3cxt, close, strong and very painful. Told DH to fill birthtub in our downstairs, where we had prepared to birth (never made it there).   The pain was just like labor with DS late in labor, from 8-9cm with him, in my hips -  almost from the get-go this time after water breaking. Didn't really have time or mental capacity to wonder how long it would go or how dilated I might be.


Started to dress in labor clothes after hanging up with midwife and got my sports bra strapped around under my bust to put on, straps not yet up, when another ctx hit, had to cling to DH, felt pressure, got through ctx, said The baby is coming!!. He already knew that though as when I clung to him, he FELT the baby move down and knew things were going quickly. Got me to the bathtub, called mw back, braced myself in tub and tried to breath through ctx and recovered in the breaks between. Was so thankful for the breaks. Got my clothes back off. Could feel her head a couple inches up (never did with DS and I already knew this was a different birth that would not end in a c/s) and checked every few ctx and she was closer and closer. Midwife arrived half hour into pushing, guided me to push slowly and stretch my tissues, encouraged me into a better position, helped DH get water a better temp and otherwise just watched and encouraged. Doula arrived at some point. Some ctx I could breath through and not moan or cry out, some I was quite loud. I feared the pain that I knew I had to face before she would be born and said so, and received encouragement.  They were not super long ctx though and I spent the breaks recovering. It didn't feel GOOD to push, but pushing during the ctx felt better than not, and I felt her coming down.  Thankful for midwife's guidance to slow things down, let her sit there in the birth canal to slowly stretch. I knew I was going to tear some anyway but obeyed and hoped it wouldn't be bad.  Finally a ctx brought her head out, midwife looped cord off twice, pushed her body out and I brought her up to me (THE moment I've waited for and rejoiced in!) and thanked the Lord for her birth, she was here, in the way we had prayed for, for so long!  After a few moments we checked out gender and were so surprised she was a girl! And we knew she was smaller than DS too. DS was crying from his room from being woken up so DH got him and brought him in to meet his sister. He (2 later this month) was a little out of it but did well, and DH later read a book and put him back to bed and he went down fine.


Tub quickly became uncomfortable, made my way to bed, birthed placenta just outside the tub as it was ready, mws gave it a few min and had me cough to release a small part of membrane. They didn't tug or anything, just waited. There was a true knot in the cord!  DH cut cord, took Neri while I was helped to bed. We rested as a family for a while, my bleeding was fine but I was wiped out and just layed there with Neri on me and we nursed at some point. Midwife checked out my tearing while newborn exam was done and initially said there is a tear near my uretha that she may not be able to take care of at home. I prayed silently to the Lord that it would not require a transfer, things had gone so well up to this point.  She wanted to assess it better with asst midwife and upon looking, felt that if I kept my legs together for 4 days and really rested, it was not such that needed manual repair and was more on the surface but needed careful healing. She stitched up two other areas, everybody got cleaned things up, I managed to get to the toilet to pee enough, got back in bed. Shortly after my good friend came to get DS for a day or so, and she got a fun surprise waling in at 7:30 to meet the baby after being called at 3 that things started.   DS got to visit with the baby and me for a few min and did well. He's coming home later this afternoon after my parents arrive (mom is staying 2 weeks to help cook and take care of DS).


Neri is nursing great, loves to suck lol, and be held. She has a full head of dark hair, unlike DS, me, DH or our siblings. I've always loved newborns with lots of dark hair and never thought one of my babies would!  She takes after DH the way that DS takes after me with features. She's more petite but still a good size.


We're so happy we had a homebirth and that we had made that switch in January. We felt very confident in our team, and are rejoicing in a VBAC where there was no question it would happen once things got underway.  She had been posterior off and on for a few days so the night she was born, before I headed to bed early, a friend recommended that I do Rebozo sifting to help her turn. We did it only a couple times and I wonder if that finally put things into motion later after days of irregular, very mild ctx and all that intestinal upset.  


Here's a pic, I'll be taking some soon with my better camera. She's got a goose egg on her head that you can't see here, must have been the angle she came out. Oh and she'll def have blue eyes.


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What a terrific story!  Congratulations, mama! joy.gif

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Yay, Cook!!  No more waiting!  Congrats on what sounds like a great birth and extra congrats on your HVBAC!!!

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joy.gifCONGRATS!!! joy.gif


That is an amazing story and I am SO, SO, SO happy for you!!  She is beautiful and I love her name!

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Congratulations!  I didn't make it into my birth tub, either.  ;)

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Congrats on a beautiful homebirth :).

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Yay!! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Wow!  She's beautiful!  Good job, mama!

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congrats she is beautiful. what a wonderful birth story too!

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congratulations and welcome Neri! What a great birth story, thanks for sharing!

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ahhhhh I told you you were going to leave us!!! LOL. Hey, if that's all it takes can someone please say that about me?? :-)  Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. I'm so excited for you that you got your VBAC! I hope mine goes as well. Enjoy your babymoon!

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energy.gifAbsolutely beautiful!


Love reading about HBAC!  Just fantastic! 

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Congrats on the arrival of your daughter and the HBAC!

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Congrats!! What an awesome HBAC story!!!!! I'll bet you are on birth cloud nine still!! Enjoy your new addition; her name is beautiful!

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Congrats on your HBAC!

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Here are a couple proper pictures, from today, two days old. She got a bump coming out which should go down in a couple of days.



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Congrats mama!  And look at that hair!!  She's a beauty!  I am so glad you got your homebirth!

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She is so cute!  Congrats on your HBAC!joy.gif

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Just saw your post on the ICAN board and had to come find your story!! Sounds like a fantastic labor- congrats mama!! Enjoy your babymoon! joy.gif
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