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No skinny jeans are tight enough for my 4th grader. Help!

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So, I have been battling with my 10.5 year old daughter over this issue since well into 3rd grade. She has always had some sensory issues, such as sock seams and tags bothering her, so I feel like this may be a valid need for her, to feel that her clothes are tight enough. On the other hand, she deems unacceptable pants that nary even a seasoned Brooklyn hipster would snub their nose at. The other problem is that she is a little underweight, which she has been since she grew out of her toddler stage and will likely be slight as an adult, given her genetics. The smallest size that actually has a reasonable inseam for her is a 7 slim, the smallest "big girl" size, and 99% of these are unacceptable to her. I have taken her to literally every place imaginable to try on jeans, I am always careful to remind her they will shrink, but she refuses to even try.


Does anyone have similar problems or particularly long girls and know where to procure the tightest of the skinny jeans in the land? We've been down the Old Navy "super skinny" road before with no luck, and even the Justice jeans (which are exorbitantly priced) only have one specific cut that never comes around anymore she finds suitable. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount of money for these things but $25 is ideal. Thanks!

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My DD is happy with Justice jeggings - which are slimmer than the skinny jeans, obviously.  Are those the ones you have tried?  I always google for a 40% off coupon before ordering. 

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Are they like jeggings or regular leggings? She has a million pairs of leggings but she needs something thicker for cold weather.


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They are more jean-like than legging-like.  They are a weird blend that is pretty soft, yet still thicker like jeans.  Hard to describe, I guess. LOL! If you have a Justice store near you, you might want to have her go check them out and try them on.  They fit really snug like leggings would, but they have pockets and really do look like regular skinny jeans. 

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I don't know that I can help you with jeans but has she every had an occupational therapy for the sensory issues? My 10-year-old had all sorts of sensory issues when he was little... tags, sock seams, needing long sleeves and pants, couldn't handle shorts. We mostly went because his issues also effected his ability to eat. We started at 5 and man, it made a really huge difference. Might be worth talking to your ped about it if you haven't already!


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Oh, and we had good luck at JC Penney for DD who was/is super slender. The had a good selection of slim sizes.


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I agree about working on the sensory issues in other ways.


One of my DDs has intense sensory issues (she has Aspergers) and stopped wearing jeans altogether around that age. She wore stretchy pants that were kind loose, more like sweats than like leggings. A lot of kids with sensory issues end up dressing -- different. Some don't really dress for the weather, they just wearing stretchy shorts year round.


We've also found this got easier once she got a little older -- not because her sensory issues improved by there are more options once she could wear grown up clothes.


sorry you are going through this.

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Thanks for all the replies, everyone. Re: the sensory issues, my partner is a Special Education teacher who deals with elementary age students with multiple disabilities, including ASDs, so we have worked on this at home with her. She has gotten much better about it, and she will wear looser pants as pajamas, so I do think part of this issue is "fashion related" here... and I can't really blame her considering her 13 year old sisters and all their friends wear nothing but tight pants. I think we will try Justice again, and JC Penny has been successful in the past but 7 slims seem to be the first size to disappear.





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Did you guys do the "brushing?" That seemed to make the biggest difference with the clothing/sheet sensitivities for us.


Another idea is to go to a goodwill store. The pants will be pre-shrunk and might have a better chance of fitting at the store. Also, Tilly's used to have some super, super skinnies. My DD had a pair that pretty much strangled her and she weighed nothing at the time lol.

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Oh, we do plenty of brushing around here, but we call it "smoothing" and we'll take turns doing it to each other :) I'm not really sure how effective a therapy it is for her, though, as she prefers to be a sardine most of the time and smashes herself against our bodies and wraps herself in blankets. I need to get one of those spandex bags, I think she would love that, she really enjoys the resistance stimming.


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my slim daughter fits well in gap kids slim sizes. about $25 a pair.

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If you are specifically worried about cold weather, would she do tights under pants/jeans?  That might give her the "wrapped" feeling she wants with "regular" skinny jeans.


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Originally Posted by trekkingirl View Post

my slim daughter fits well in gap kids slim sizes. about $25 a pair.

I was going to suggest the same.  My 5th grader is tiny (about 56 lbs.) and wears an 8 slim.  We've done well with Gap Kids ultra skinny jeans.  Gap Kids isn't cool for her given that she'll be a middle schooler next year but as long as no one knows where she got them, she's good.  They actually look a lot like the jeans my dd12 gets at American Eagle and similar stores.  Gap did a good job w/ not making them look like little kid clothes.


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