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Looking for an obgyn in Lexington Ky

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Hi I'm looking for a good obgyn in Lexington. I don't think my insurance will cover a midwife and I'm kind of higher risk anyway since my first was born early. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Anyone know anything about Jeane O'nan or Miriam Marcum?

Thanks Mamas!

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I can't precisely answer your question, but here is Baby Moon's list of midwives:



I am not certain, but in the state of KY your insurance company may be required to let you use a Certified Nurse Midwife- even Medicaid in KY covers them.  Also, in most of those practices there are doctors and midwives, and you would see them both.  They are much more qualified to 'risk you out' of midwife care than you are.  Katie Isaacs in Frankfort/Versailles is great, I can't speak personally about the others.  Also, in most of these practices, you can get most of your care from the midwife, the doctors see you too, and if there is a problem at the time of birth then they call in the doctor on call.  The link also mentions that there are family practice doctors in Lex. who are much more amenable to natural or drug free birth plans.

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I saw Katie Isaacs for back up care and she was good. If you can't go the CPM route, I definitely would recommend Katie.

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