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Natural retraction in toddler

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So my ds1 is not quite 3, and it seems rather early for him to be retracting, but he is a little bit.  Totally on his own.  He hates wearing clothes lately, so whenever we are home, he's pretty much naked.  He explores and tugs at his penis sometimes, but isn't obsessed with it.  I guess I'm wondering what is normal at this stage, and what is not.  He has complained about his penis itching and also has come to me asking me to clean it after he's been picking at it.  When he does this, he'll come to me with it already partially retracted, and he points to where he wants it cleaned.  This evening when he did this, I just took him to the bathroom, and used a washcloth with soap and water.  I made sure to have him tell me when/if it hurt (since I was holding back the foreskin to clean it).  Does this sound normal to anyone??  He has never been forcefully retracted, and I thought that this would all just 'happen' on it's own.  Nothing seems infected, maybe a little irritated, but I think that might be from him playing with it.  Anyway, and advice or information is welcome!

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I wouldnt use soap at all unless you where able to rinse it really well with clear water after. Since any soap left can cause irritation. It is totally normal for boys at his age to be able to pull back some on the foreskin while for others it will not go back at all. So if he is able to that is his normal. The itching could be that he dosnt have the words to describe exactly what the sensation is he is feeling or it could itch just because things itch. Anything he wants to do with it is fine pulling or pushing if it hurts he will stop.
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My son retracted naturally and fully between 2.5 - 3 years old. He was never retracted at all by anyone other than himself. I think some kids retract earlier than others and any time is fine.

Personally, I wouldn't use soap on anyone's genitals but my own. Some people react badly to soaps, harsh or mild. I'd think at his age just washing with water  would be fine.

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I definately wouldn't use soap. How about just giving him a wet washcloth and letting him retract and wipe if he feels like it? That way you know that ihe foreskin is only going back to where he is comfortable with it. As far as the age, my oldest retracted about 5 I think. Middle didn't retract until he was 8, and the youngest retracted a little before he turned 2. I was really surprised by that, honestly. But I guess it's within the range of normal.
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