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I do think snacking has become more prominent. I wonder if it is because many families are living a more on-the-go lifestyle?


For my family we don't have to snack a certain number of times per day. I don't prepare snacks for dd and haven't since she was small. I don't really regulate dd snacking at home- she eats when she is hungry and what she wants to eat.

I would probably make sure dd ate something before we go somewhere if we will be gone quite awhile just like I encourage her to use the toilet before we leave the house. I don't expect to feed her 45 minutes after we leave home if it is not a meal time.  We do not routinely leave the house with snacks and drinks in tow.


I've never really witnessed people who seem afraid that they won't have access to water if they don't bring it with them. If people want to carry water in a refillable container and drink it instead of buying unhealthy drinks or disposable drink containers it doesn't really bother me.