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It really makes me angry that people are allowed to smoke in rented apartment even though it does get into the homes of the non-smokers. Sadly though there is no by law about smoking right now and if one is ever passed in this province it will take years so I have to find a solution until then to keep it out as best as I can.

I just moved into this new place and it's much better for smoke smell then the last place, but I can still smell it. I've been here a week now and haven't been able to have the window up all the way for a whole day yet, it's just been to cold, but in the next 3 days it should be warm enough to have it open longer for a nice airing out. I also just bought an air purifier. It also has an ionizer option thing. I bought it yesterday and had it on high for about 6 hours so far the last 2 days. I'd like to have it on all day on low as soon as I find a better place for it. How long do you think it will take for the air to become nice and clear with this? Is there anything else I can do clear the air and protect my son and I from the harmful smoke?