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Non-bulky pregnancy pillow suggestions?

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Hello ladies! I realize there have been multiple threads on pregnancy pillows, and everyone seems to love their Snoogle! However, I frequently turn from side to side throughout the night, and the last thing I want is to rearrange, or have trouble moving, or getting out of bed, etc. Any suggestions for a great pillow for this? Or is the Snoogle just plain worth it even with these problems? As a side note, hubby and I have a queen size bed, and he's 220 lbs, so I'd like him to keep as much space as he can for himself! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :)


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I have the Leachco back and body pillow which gives you support on both sides so you can switch sides and not have to rearrange any pillows.  However, when I am laying on the couch or something, I have been using my "Face Down Ergonomic Pillow" to put between my knees.  Not what it was intended for, but you could use something like this in bed and take up a lot less room. Here's what mine looks like:



However, the other day, I was on the couch and I couldn't reach the wedge pillow.  I tried earnestly to get my 1 year old to bring it to me, but she just didn't understand what I was saying! innocent.gif  Hey, I'm 33 weeks and it's really hard to get up sometimes!


Anyway, one of her little bouncy balls was within my reach (I'd say it was about 6-8" in diameter and I put that between my knees.  It worked like a dream and so long as you have another firm pillow between your boobs to support your shoulders and keep them from collapsing, a little bouncy ball would be easy to shift back and forth with you when you switch sides.  It might sound like it would be wobbly, but it was actually pretty stable.  It was under $2 at my grocery store and by far the cheapest solution!

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I got a wedge pillow last time and loved it. Before my belly got big I used it between my knees and then later under the belly and used a regular pillow between my knees (and at that point a squishy pillow between my boobs b/c I couldn't stand them touching). I also used the wedge to sit on when my sciatia acted up.

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Thanks for the referrals ladies! I may try the ball idea!

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I got a couple of foam pillows from Walmart. They are soft and very supportive. I rearrange every couple hours through the night. They are great for putting behind the back when sitting up, too. They will be very useful post-pregnancy.
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