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Vent thread... Where's my energy?

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I hate to be a negative nelly really I do... but I am so blah the last 48 hours.


I have had the luxury of doing some sleeping in the afternoons and at night and I've taken it the last two days instead of exercising.  I thought I'd wake up today feeling a bit recharged but I'm still feeling blah.  My shower was last weekend and there were many guests all weekend and I'm grateful the house is quiet and it's all over (for now.)


This weekend coming we're getting away with another preggo couple and that should be nice.


I just feel huge and un-energetic... no nesting bursts here at the moment.  I'm committing to myself to do more than work and sleep today.  I'm going to meet a friend for lunch and work somewhere other than my home office.... then get in the pool.  I'm hoping that makes me feel better.


It was 15 degrees this morning in VT and I'm just so sick of the winter.

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Retail Therapy...


I just used an amazon gift card to purchase some men's pjs from amazon for birthing, my kiddie pool for birthing and a scale...


And ordered my birth kit from in his hands and some extra supplies like a pool liner from precious arrows.  I hope I get to use all this stuff for more than one kid!  But we're already talking about having the kiddie pool out on the deck for hot July days.


I do feel better!  I know that's messed up but hey... I'll take it.

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This is my first pregnancy, so I'm no expert, but it sounds like it's just a lot to be carrying around our little bundles of joy (and energy sucking) at this stage of the game. My midwife asked all of the ladies in our centering group yesterday if anyone wasn't tired and the only two ladies who said that they weren't were unemployed with no children. So just consider that you're already doing a lot with working and just being pregnant! Don't feel down on yourself that you're not scrubbing the floor or hosting galas. :)


I've decided to work from home today because by the time I get off work I feel totally wiped and only have enough energy to make dinner and do very light housekeeping. My place was largely destroyed after my shower last weekend and the kitchen is full of dirty dishes. My husband has been working all hours too, so neither of us has had a chance to do anything about it. I figure at least this way I can clean while I write up functional specs. :D


I haven't been sleeping well at all, so I imagine this is a part of my tiredness. Maybe you can set aside a day to just nap and recharge?

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I have days where I'm exhausted and useless to the world (job, housework, etc) even though I've had 8+ hours of sleep...

and then I have days where I'm leaping tall buildings in a single bound, accomplishing EVERYthing I need to do that day, and feeling like 3 hours of sleep is TOO MUCH.


fortunately, MOST of my days are the latter - I'd say it's 1 day a week that's the former.  A lot of people have told me that if it weren't for the giant belly, they'd never know I was pregnant - I'm pretty spry for an 8 month preggo lady in her 30s. lol!

I told DP last night as I was struggling like a turtle on its back (I was either trying to get up or pick something up, or...?) - I'm really thankful I've had an EASY pregnancy... because I haven't enjoyed it all that much, so I can't imagine having a DIFFICULT one.


I think reelgeek has a point - it's just a lot to be carrying around all this... bundle of joy.


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I am exhausted all the time. With work and school I am just beat and when I get any down time at all I nap. I have 21 days until I'm not at work anymore and I am literally counting the minutes (I have a dashboard countdown timer running on my work computer). At this point I am just hoping I finish school successfully cause my ability to motivate is beyond pathetic. Baby stuff, yeah I can do that, anything else...meh.

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I'm definitely having more tired days lately than energetic ones. Fortunately even though I have 8 kids, several are older and I am lucky enough to be able to indulge in daily naps when I need to.. which I've been doing almost everyday while my toddler naps.
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I'm amazed at how you ladies who work outside of the home are doing ANYthing these days! Totally impressed with how you get out of bed after a long night. We really do have the freedom to handle our days however - with homeschool I don't even *have* to get the kids up and going - so there have been some silly mornings after hard nights, and I'm still struggling to keep my eyes open many mornings.


reelgeek, you sound like a veteran mama - it just really IS a lot to pack around, joyfully, painfully, all or none of the above.

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I feel you ladies who work outside the home. I worked until 37 weeks with DD. At 37 weeks, we moved and DH had to do EVERYTHING! I was so exhausted! While working, I would sleep until the absolute last minute, get up and go to work, come home and sleep until DH came home, then went to get dinner, then went back to bed.


For those of you looking for the nesting energy boosts, let me give you some encouragement. It seriously comes in waves. Last week, I had absolutely zero energy. I slept a lot, watched a lot of Stargate, and just basically worked on my "butt groove" for the couch. Yesterday I had this inhuman amount of energy. I got caught up on laundry, like completely. Everything's folded, hung up and in dressers. I started on that pile of stuff I've been mentioning that is in the spot where the crib/sidecar is going and I've got that halfway done. I cooked dinner, baked two loaves of bread, and continued working until about 9:30. Grant it, I zonked out at that point, and didn't wake until I had to go to the bathroom at 5... but I had that nesting energy. It only took me 35 weeks! :D

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