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Disabled homemakers

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How many of us are unable to work or carry the full load at home?
This really affects my self-esteem as a woman, partner & mom. I do a lot to take care of the kids but I need a lot of help at times as well.
My SO never complains & he treats me like a queen, so do the kids. I am very blessed to have a family like this.
I do wish I could be better though. It makes me so sad when they want to play & I have to say I can't sometimes because I need to rest.
It also makes me sad when I see SO carrying so much of the burden plus worrying about me.
I do the best I can and I give them tons of love.
I do chores & things but am unable to so the majority.

How do you cope?
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hug.gif Mama.

I am in awe of women like you. 

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I remember being in your shoes. I had very severe endometriosis. Some days the pain left me unable to function. I had to rely on help from others a lot. Now, I had a hysterectomy last summer and I'm feeling great.


I can relate to feeling sad about my SO carrying so much of the burden then. 


Although I don't have any real advice. one thing I will say is that my kids did just fine. I too used to worry tha tI didn't do enough with them. They're funny, great kid/ I've never once heard them complain about that time in our lives.

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Ty hippie smile.gif

I am very happy to say that the past couple of days I've actually felt pretty good! I've been able to do more and even get outside to help build my new flower garden. My 13 month old baby girl helped <3
yesterday was a great day.
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Aww, that sounds blissful. Gardening and babies, is there anything more wonderful?

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OP, I feel very much like you. In the last three years, I've gone from being a homeschooling mama who works PT and has her own side business and participates fully in creating and maintaining our home and yard to a woman whose husband works FT and does 90% of the household chores and whose young children are in school FT. I go to doctor's appointments and rest and take a lot of mind-altering medication. I'm not happy to be in this position and I'm working really hard to maintain sanity and hope that this is just where we're at right now, not where we're always going to be. But knowing that my condition is permanent, I can really only hope that we find more answers and better treatments as time goes on.

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Many hugs to you earthmama. It's so hard & humiliating to go from feeling like superwoman to having it all taken away over something we can't control. I have so much guilt because of it.
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