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Homebirth midwives in Brooklyn CT area

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I'm looking for a list of names of all the *LOCAL* CPM's that serve the Brooklyn, CT area.  I'd appreciate personal recommendations on those you LOVED, too.  Also, could you let me know how things worked with insurance?  I've heard conflicting things about insurance and CPM's. 


I am specifically hoping to find someone very expereinced, but who exudes a warm fuzzy motherly feel.  I am NOT interested in anyone who sends off "this is my show" vibes. 



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The two closest to you are probably Kim Cash (Mansfield/Storrs) and Nancy Farr (Andover, I think).  They used to work as a pair (Kim apprenticed under Nancy) but now have their own practices.  I used them both for both of my pregnancies/births in CT (my first was not born in CT).  I love them both for different reasons.

There is also Joni Stone, she's wonderful as well, but she works out of the New Haven area.  She will attend births anywhere in CT though. 

As far as insurance goes, if you have a HMO you probably will wind up paying the CPM's fees totally out of pocket.  If you have a PPO, there is a chance that you may get reimbursement at out-of-network rates after your deductible.  The midwives will be able to answer the insurance questions for you better then I can, I'm sure.  They know more about what insurance companies are more likely to reimburse.

Hope that helps.  Good luck in your search!




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Clovergirl - can you attest to their birth personality style?  Laid back/overly instructional/very intuitive/etc.... ? 

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They are both very laid back and hands off.  Personality wise, I've always felt Nancy is more "Air" and Kim is more "Earth" if that makes sense.  Which is probably why they made such an awesome team!  They both have apprentices right now, who I don't really "know" except in passing.  That said, in CT most of the CPMs do wind up with a second pair of hands at the birth.  I know in the past that was usually another CPM, but I'm not sure if the apprentices "count" in that area or if there would still be a secondary midwife there for the actual birth.  Usually the secondary is a midwife that is close to you geographically, unless you have a preference, in which case you can always ask for who you want.  So it's possible that if you were to choose Kim as your primary midwife Nancy might wind up at the birth too or vice versa.

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Joni Stone was my attendant at my last birth. I cannot even begin to say enough about her. I adored her from our first meeting to our last postpartum visit. She is very experienced and has an air of calm confidence. I felt like I could trust her completely during my birth and I never second guessed her, which is unusual for me. I would describe her as having understated confidence, she is knowledgeable and confident but never pushy or preachy. She is just so grounded and trusts the process of birth while still taking necessary precautions and such. I felt like she was a very good balance of trust in birth and preparedness "just in case." That said, I wanted a very hands-off midwife. I don't like any instruction during labor and birth unless I ask or it is absolutely necessary. She was extremely respectful of my personal space while I was laboring but I always felt like she wasn't too far away if I needed something. She was very intuitive, in my case anyway. I think it helps that we have similar personalities in general and that we also have a very similar mindset about pregnancy and birth.  


I hope that all makes some sense... feel free to ask any questions. :)


Oh, and we paid out of pocket because our insurance wouldn't cooperate but she mentioned she occasionally gets insurance payments so you could talk to her.

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Clovergirl - thanks!  I feel like I have a much clearer "feel" of them now! 


Bethanyclaire - thank you so much for the detailed look at Joni.  I actually know a few people who used her, and I've yet to hear anything less then rave reviews about her.  Makes me very curious!  Unfortunately, she is located just way too far away.  :-( 

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We used Nancy Farr and her apprentice Gengi and they were wonderful. Very loving, nurturing, "earth-mother"y. I had no vaginal exams the entire pregnancy/labor/birth until after my son was born. They offered suggestions and support during my labor in a quiet but non-annoying way and generally stayed out of my way while I labored! Unless I asked for advice, which of course they offered.  I would recommend them wholeheartedly.  We were able to get about 1/2 of the fee reimbursed by insurance but it took a long time afterward. Our insurance was United Health Care ppo. 

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lizfu - thanks thumb.gif  I actually called Nancy and am meeting with her next week!  She sounded like a great fit for us over the phone, I can't wait to sit down with her!! 


Hopefully, we've found our midwife. winky.gif

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Feel free to tell her that Liz Barlow sent you! Hope it works out. If not the other CT midwives are also great.

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A mom in our playgroup swears by Nancy Farr (CPM). She is actually due to deliver her 3rd baby any day now! her email is motherwise@earthlink.net


Also, if you're in Brooklyn you should really come to our moms group :) http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=130846046931556 

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