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Aversions/Nausea Easing at 9 Weeks?

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I have had really bad food aversions to nearly everything for the last three weeks and nausea & vomiting for the last four. Now that I'm around 9 weeks, some foods are actually starting to sound good and I've enjoyed eating a handful of times. I haven't thrown up for 5 days now and I was throwing up at least every other day, multiple times, before that. I'm wondering if my morning sickness is starting to go away already because I was expecting to have it until 14 weeks or so like I did with my son. Overall I had a lot more of the dizziness and throwing up with him and this time it's been more aversions & sour stomach than anything.


 Is anyone else feeling better already or have you felt better earlier in a different pregnancy?

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Congrats!  That's awesome!  Every pregnancy is different.  I know some women that had zero m/s with their first and awful m/s with their second and vice versa.  This is my third and it's better than my last two so far.  Some people say that their m/s is worse with one gender vs. the other.  So, maybe this one is a girl!  lol.gif

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Everyone is different. I really hope this is the case for me too! I'm 7 weeks and SO sick. I wasn't hardly sick at all with DD and it's so much harder while chasing a toddler to be sick.

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Some weeks can be better than others. I kept pregnancy journals for my 1,2, and 3rd children. I was re-reading them last week and I noticed that I felt better on week 10 than I did at week 13 when I was pregnant with my 3rd (and my journal entry noted that I was a little worried b/c I was feeling a little better at week 10). So who knows--you might be feeling awful again by next week so enjoy right now! Hopefully you are moving out of the sick stage and your body is adjusting to be pregnant.

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My first pregnancy was like that. By 9 weeks, I felt mostly normal again aside from being hungry all the time. This time, it seems to be lasting longer. No throwing up, but more the sour stomach and aversions like you describe. It's really starting to bring me down though, it's been almost 4 weeks of feeling general crappiness. I hope this is it for you! It's nice to feel like a real person again!

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My pregnancy day by day book said at nine weeks that people often start feeling better around then. I'm glad that it is happening for you! I started feeling better around 10 weeks, although I still don't feel fantastic.
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Wow, lucky ladies!  I've never felt better that early nor have I known anyone who has (unless they didn't really have m/s to begin with).  I didn't start consistently feeling better until about week 30-32 with both my previous pregnancies and that was on medication!  But I know that for every one of me, there is someone else who is faring better.  :)

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I guess I'll see in a few weeks then if this was the end of it. I'm just happy to be able to think about food again! :) Plus, I'm finishing the last three weeks of my final semester of college, so a bit of a break would be a godsend!

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My nausea has gotten significantly better in the last few days.  I'm about 9.5 weeks now.  I don't even remember when I got better last time around.  You'd think I'd remember more about my last pregnancy since I have a 10 month old right now but I can't remember any of those details!  I do remember being sick driving to work and the only thing I could manage to force myself to eat were bagel sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts.  Once I got the sandwich down, I would feel better.


One thing that has helped me avoid the sickness in the morning this time is I have been taking my prenatal vitamin at night instead of in the morning.  And make sure to eat something right away.  If I don't eat within 15 min of taking it, I'll feel sick to my stomach.  


Let's hope that this is really the end of the nausea.  One thing that I know never fully went away for me was the headaches.  I am getting them again this time and the only thing that gets rid of them is a little bit of caffeine.  I was never able to give it up fully but I never have more than one cup of a caffeinated beverage ever day.  Actually this time I've had such bad heartburn/nausea, I can only get down about a quarter to a half a cup but that is usually enough to stave off the headaches.




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I jinxed myself!   greensad.gif


I threw up 5 times last night and this morning I feel awful!

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Sorry, that sucks!  Maybe just a bad night and you feel icky today b/c you lost all that food and water. Tomorrow could be much better!

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