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We got our PIGS!

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I will try to post pictures soon. We got 2 piglets about a week ago. They are cute and smart. They are in a barn that is connected to our house, till we can figure out what kind of house we want for them during the summer. I am thinking they are going to VERY smelly once the weather gets warm.lols My dh bought 4 pig panels and made a temporary outdoor pen for them. They are so funny, though. They oink at me from in the pen and want to be let out, to roam our property. We have a lot of land and are thinking of using them to clear some of it.


I have so many questions about raising them. I got a book from the library and have looked up a lot of things, but I still feel like I need to have someone walk me around THEIR pig pen and show me the ropes.



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Congrats!!  I know you'll love them, pigs are so fun!


Pigs root, so whatever fencing you use (not sure about electric though) you'll have to bury in the ground so they don't root right out.  We've had lots of pigs, so ask away!

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I love pigs. We were just gifted 8 babies. Their mother has mastitis and lost all her milk so we have to feed them milk replacer. Our previous pig had a 40x80 ft paddock all to herself and it never smelled bad. It's just regular wire farm fence with an electric line running a foot off the bottom on the inside so she doesn't root underneath.

Pigs are so much fun and sooo easy to raise. Nothing to em.
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